Adoptive Parents

In most ways as an adoptive parent, you are just like those who form their families biologically. You love your children, have hopes and dreams for them, and worry about their safety, education, and future. In other ways, though, you might have other concerns, questions, or needs for yourself, your children, and the rest of your family because you've been touched by adoption.

Adoption Network Cleveland offers many programs and services to meet your family’s needs before you adopt as well as throughout the lifelong process of adoption:

  • Adoption Navigators  – have extensive training, as well as personal experience, to guide you through the adoption process and provide telephone support and referrals for your family after your adoption is finalized.
  • Support and Education – Monthly gatherings and social activities help your family feel greater connection and you as a parent build increased confidence in your parenting journey.
  • Our Educational Liaison is an experienced school professional available to work with you on any school-related issue, especially if you who have adopted from the foster care system.
In addition, you can find support and answers to their questions by calling our Adoption Helpline at (216) 325-1000 or contacting us via email. The Helpline is available 9:00 am to 6:00 pm weekdays. You might also want to attend our General Support and Discussion Meetings, which are held in four locations every month in Cuyahoga, Summit and Lake counties - plus in Northwest Ohio, Columbus and Dayton. These groups are open to anyone touched by adoption or interested in lifelong adoption issues and allow people to learn from others’ perspectives.

We are holding an Adoption Finalization Celebration on Wednesday, June 30. Click here for details.

By becoming a  member of Adoption Network Cleveland, you receive the support and guidance that Adoption Navigators, our Educational Liaison and our monthly support group provides for adoptive families, along with other benefits.
“It is a great support to meet and learn from other families built through adoption.”
Lori McCarthy
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