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Since 1988, Adoption Network Cleveland has been a membership organization that includes adoptees, birthparents, prospective and current adoptive and foster parents, professionals, and anyone else connected to or with an interest in adoption and foster care issues.  Through our members, we can present a united voice in our public policy efforts, create a community where multiple perspectives are shared, and more effectively raise the community's awareness about adoption and how it impacts our community.  We depend on our members to give us feedback and to let us know what additional services they need.  Many of our longstanding volunteers and donors started out as members who found ways to become even more connected to the mission of Adoption Network Cleveland.  Please consider joining us! 

All membership levels receive: 

  • CONNECTION to a community of caring people who understand and support you in your adoption journey, every step of the way
  • SUBSCRIPTION to our quarterly newsletter, Guidance, including event information, calendar, stories, photos and information on issues
  • DISCOUNTS and advanced notice on programs and events
  • A VOICE in Ohio public policy issues affecting adoption and foster care through our political advocacy efforts
  • BORROWING PRIVILEGES to our Resource Library of books and movies 
  • SEARCH AND REUNION support assistance at search membership level
  • UNLIMITED ATTENDANCE at support and discussion meetings including General Meetings and Post Adoption Groups

By becoming a member, your support helps us provide a variety of low cost or no cost programs including:

  • General Support and Discussion Meetings - There are 8 meetings held monthly throughout Ohio in Cuyahoga County, Lake County, Summit County, Columbus, Dayton area, NW Ohio, and virtually
  • Adoption Helpline - Support, information and referral
  • Adoption Navigators - Individuals with extensive training who help families navigate the adoption system
  • Birthparent Support - Regular support meetings and a Birthmother's Day Ceremony
  • Adoption Help - For children and teens waiting in the foster care system
  • Post-Adopt Support & Outings - To provide families a place to connect and share resources and support
  • Public policy advocacy - To advocate for ethical practices in adoption and foster care
  • Community Outreach - Community awareness campaigns and a speaker's bureau
  • Adoption Library - Borrow books, videos and articles

Are you interested in a Search Membership or our Navigator Membership? Here is some information about what those memberships provide.

Navigator membership: This is for pre-adoptive families who are interested in adopting privately. This membership gives you access to our Adoption Navigator who provides support and assistance through the adoption process. If you are interested in adopting from the public child welfare system you do not need to become a Navigator member because our costs to offer this program are covered by a contract we receive from Cuyahoga County. If you would like to learn more about the Navigator program and what they can offer click here.

Search Memberships (local and non-local): This is for adult adoptees, birthparents, and their families who are interested in search and reunion. A Search Membership gives you access to our knowledge, tools, and support needed to complete a search as well as any assistance needed. We also provide emotional support before, during and after your search is completed. Local searches are for those who live locally and are able to attend the General Support and Discussion meetings. Non-local searches are for those are not able to attend the General Support and Discussion Meetings because they are out of town. If you would like to learn more about the Search program and what we can offer click here.

Membership fees are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law. For more information on joining Adoption Network Cleveland, please stop by, call or email us!  

Who are the members of Adoption Network Cleveland?

Anyone is welcome as a member of Adoption Network Cleveland and people join the organization for a variety of reasons. 

Adult adoptees and birthparents often join to start a search, or simply to get support and know they are not alone. Adoptive and prospective adoptive parents and families join to take advantage of our services such as workshops, general meetings, and other programs. Professionals and organizations join to take part in our educational programming and to support our efforts. We also have many members who are not personally touched by adoption and foster care, but recognize the importance of supporting the adoption and foster care community. The majority of our members renew their memberships even long after their own issues are resolved as they enjoy getting our newsletter and staying involved and supportive to others.

Click HERE to become a member or renew your membership now!

“Being a member changed how I see myself. It gave me a voice.”
Jeanne Hood
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