Birthparents and Families

As part of our mission to help all those touched by adoption, Adoption Network Cleveland recognizes the lifelong impact of adoption if you are a birthparent or a birth family member. The loss of a child to adoption leaves a profound void. This experience is life-changing for all involved. The need for support, understanding, and a safe place to deal with feelings that resurface is acknowledged and provided for by our organization.

Click here to learn more about the implementation of the new law allowing birth record access for Ohio adoptees.

Adoption Network Cleveland offers support, information, and referrals to you as a birthparent, siblings, or if you are considering placing a child for adoption. Services include the following:
  • Our Adoption Helpline is a place where birthparents and family members can find support and answers to their questions. Call (216) 325-1000.
  • General Support and Discussion Meetings are held in four locations each month in Northeast Ohio - plus in Northwest Ohio, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and in a virtual format. These groups are open to anyone touched by adoption or interested in lifelong adoption issues.
  • Search Assistance for birthparents or family members interested in searching for their now adult child or sibling. We have helped hundreds of birthparents and family members search and reunite with adult adult sons, daughters and/or siblings.
If you are a birthmother in particular, we offer:
If you are birthparent living in the Columbus area, check out the Ohio Birthparent Group for resources and support. 

Birthmother Editorial on WOIO Channel 19
Jeanne Hood, a 20-year member of Adoption Network Cleveland shares her story about being a birthmother and being separated from her son for 40 years. She supports openness in adoption and connects her story with that of Philomena the movie.  Click here to watch the video.

Receiving support from the programs and services listed above are benefits you can receive when you become a member of Adoption Network Cleveland.
“Being a member changed how I see myself. It gave me a voice.”
Jeanne Hood
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