Community Awareness

Since our founding in 1988, Adoption Network Cleveland has worked hard to build awareness about the ways in which the issues of adoption and foster care affect the larger community. These efforts have been critical to the organization’s ability to bring about change in adoption policy and practice, which have led to millions of dollars in cost savings and permanent homes for hundreds of children and youth at highest risk of aging out of foster care without being adopted. (Document: Costs of Aging Out 2008)

The Adoption Awareness Coalition is an alliance of agencies and organizations committed to promoting understanding and visibility of adoption in Northeast Ohio.

Adoption Network Cleveland is frequently featured in the media. Our Speaker’s Bureau is made up of staff and volunteers who speak about a broad range of adoption-related topics. 

We have also partnered with the Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services on the Moving Hearts Gallery, a mobile exhibit that features portraits of youth in foster care who are available for adoption.

For more information, please contact George Graham, Director of Development and External Relations, at (216) 482-2319.

“I hoped to make a difference in a teen's life. But I also got a teen who makes a difference in my life!”
Michelle Burke Holland
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