General Support and Discussion Meetings

When Adoption Network Cleveland was founded in 1988, the organization was built on bringing together adoptees, adoptive parents and birthparents – known as the “Adoption Triad” – to learn from one another’s perspectives on adoption. Since then the “Adoption Triad” has been expanded to become the “Adoption Constellation,” which also includes birth siblings, adoptive siblings and other family members, foster care youth and alumni, professionals and others interested in lifelong adoption issues. 

General Support and Discussion Meetings, also known as General Meetings, provide a setting where all can learn from others’ perspectives. General Meetings are open to anyone touched by or interested in better understanding adoption and continue to be a distinguishing feature of Adoption Network Cleveland. The meetings have an open discussion format and provide a safe place for people to share their feelings and experiences related to adoption. 

Throughout the year panels, as well as topic focused discussions, are held on various adoption-related topics, such as “Growing Up Adopted,” “Male Perspectives on Adoption,” “The Impact of Adoption on Key Relationships” and “Birthmothers’ Perspectives.” 

The meetings are held four times each month in locations throughout Cuyahoga, Summit, and Lake counties - plus in three other regions in Ohio and as well as a virtual meeting - see below. Please see our calendar of events for dates, special panel discussions, and topic focused discussions. 

Columbus General Support Meetings are held monthly on the second Tuesday . Click here to find out more. 

Miami Valley General Support Meetings are now held monthly. Click here to find out more.

NW Ohio General Support Meetings are now held monthly. Click here to find out more.

Virtual Webcam General Support Meetings are now held monthly on the fourth Thursday. Click here to find out more.

Times of the following NE Ohio meetings are 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

First Thursday of the month
Rocky River: West Shore Unitarian Church
20401 Hilliard Dr.
Rocky River, OH

Second Wednesday of the month
Summit County: MedPoint Health Center
650 Graham Road
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Third Thursday of the month
Cleveland Heights: Church of the Saviour
2537 Lee Road
Cleveland Heights, OH

Last Tuesday of the month
Lake County: Mentor Baptist Church
7500 Johnnycake Ridge Rd.
Mentor, OH

Click here for a flyer that details dates and topics for each meeting.

Membership in Adoption Network Cleveland helps provide the support that makes General Support and Discussion Meetings possible, and we ask all who attend to become members.

For more information about General Support and Discussion Meetings, contact Amy Lomis at (216) 482-2323.
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