Mission and Values


We connect and empower individuals, organizations and communities impacted by adoption and foster care, and we provide a source of healing for those in need. 


An inclusive community supporting all people touched by adoption and foster care.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • Creating a safe place for those touched by adoption and foster care to pursue personal empowerment. This includes but is not limited to: adoptees, birthparents, adoptive and prospective adoptive parents, youth in foster care, foster parents and siblings.
  • Providing opportunities for peer support and education for those touched by adoption and foster care and the professionals who serve them.
  • Developing and advocating for best practices in adoption practice, policy and law.
  • Creating and implementing high quality programs and services based on best practices in the field.
  • Convening and leading public-private partnerships; promoting progressive system change.
  • Promoting public awareness and social change regarding adoption and foster care issues throughout the broader community.
  • Creating possibility through promoting openness, cooperation and collaboration in adoption and foster care.


  • Inclusiveness: We draw strength from that which unites by embracing all people, honoring diversity and accepting differences. 
  • Collaboration: We choose to be a catalyst for outstanding practices by fostering relationships internally and externally among individuals, organizations and communities.
  • Courage: We stand for our mission and an individual’s right to self determination even at the risk of compromising mainstream acceptance.
  • Trust: We promote a sense of security and hope through honesty, authenticity and openness.

Commitment to Inclusiveness

Adoption touches people of all cultures, backgrounds and walks of life. Throughout Adoption Network Cleveland we celebrate this fact by:
  • Embracing all people
  • Respecting the diversity of the people we serve
  • Reflecting inclusivity in our leadership
  • Responding through our policies and programs.
Acknowledging and accepting our differences, we choose to draw our strength from that which unites us.
“Adoption Network Cleveland is always willing to share resources and expertise.”
Tenneh Johnson Kemah, LCSW-C, Maryland
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