Prospective Adoptive Parents

Adoption Network Cleveland is dedicated to helping all those touched by adoption, including you as a prospective adoptive parent.

Many couples and individuals hoping to become parents or expand their families look to adoption. 
About one in four couples experience infertility, so adoption becomes a way to build the family they've been hoping for. Others are single, gay or lesbian. Many adopt because they recognize a need and want to make a difference in the life of a child and our community. Regardless of why you are considering adoption, the endeavor can be both exciting and overwhelming and is often filled with emotional ups and downs.

For those who are just starting to think about becoming adoptive parents, we offer Adoption 101: Where Do I Begin?, an overview workshop that explores a full range of options – public adoption from foster care, private adoption and international adoption.

For those who have decided to pursue a public adoption, engaging our Adoption Navigator for one-on-one support is your next step. The Adoption Navigator will assist you upon request or after attending a class.

For those who have decided to pursue a private adoption, we offer: Adoption 201: Adopting Infants Domestically. This explains in more detail the process, selecting an agency, creating a family profile and understanding the trends towards the continuum of openness.

Our Adoption Navigator gives personal attention to guide your family through the adoption process. Our goal is to decrease barriers and increase the support you receive throughout the adoption process.

As a prospective adoptive parent, you might find it helpful to attend our General Support and Discussion Meetings, which are held in four locations every month in locations throughout Cuyahoga, Summit and Lake counties - plus in Northwest Ohio, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and through a virtual group. These groups are open to anyone touched by adoption or interested in lifelong adoption issues. This forum is one of our unique programs – where all can learn from others’ perspectives.

For more information about adopting, contact us or call our Adoption Helpline at (216) 325-1000 and ask to speak with the Adoption Navigator.

By becoming a member of Adoption Network Cleveland, you can access the support and guidance that an Adoption Navigator provides and receive discounts on workshops like Adoption 101.
“We learned more from Adoption Network Cleveland in minutes than in four months on our own.”
Bryan and Paula
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