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Welcome to the Adoption Network Cleveland Library!

Mission Statement for Lending Library: To provide and promote adoption-related materials and resources to increase personal empowerment, community awareness and social change in adoption practice, policy and law.

Serving: Adoption Network Cleveland members, triad members (adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents), prospective parents, field professionals, students, community educators and leaders and any other person or group with an interest in learning more about adoption.

Resources provided: Adoption-related books, magazines, newsletters, audio information, program/event updates, videos, referral and information on local and national adoption agencies and those persons or groups providing adoption search and support.

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Adoptee Issues

Process to checking out a book from the library (exclusive to Adoption Network Cleveland Members):
  1. Complete the card located inside books/media including your name, contact number and email address.

  2. Ask for the Executive Assistant to complete the lending process.

  3. Take the books/media and enjoy!

  4. Books/media are due one month after borrow date.

If you have any question/concerns please contact Darlene Collins at (216) 482-2309.

“The support I received was tremendous and one of a kind.”
Lori McCarthy
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