Search and Reunion

Adoption Network Cleveland successfully helps adult adoptees, birthparents, siblings and extended families find one another. Our assistance includes providing information on public records, search techniques and emotional support during your search.

Since 1988, we have facilitated over 2,000 searches to completion. We believe that search and reunion can be a powerful experience for all involved. Although some people choose to employ a private search company, we at Adoption Network Cleveland have seen that there is great emotional benefit in the searching individual having an integral role in the process with the guidance and support of our staff and search volunteers. Outcomes of a search can vary widely; therefore, providing consistent support during the process and beyond is something we recognize as vital to long-term healing.

In 2013 Adoption Network Cleveland achieved a major success towards our long term legislative goal of gaining the right for all Ohio adoptees to have access to their original birth records.  This new law went into effect on March 20, 2015 and gives 400,000 adult adoptees adopted between 1964 and 1996 access to their original birth certificates.  Click here for frequently asked questions about the new law.

Forms and detailed information are available on the Ohio Department of Health website.  Click here to access their website.

Below are the forms available to be submitted by the adoptee:

Below are the forms available to be submitted by the lineal descendants of an adoptee:

Below is the form available to be submitted by the birthparent:
Birthparent Information Packet (which includes Contact Preference Form, Social and Medical History Form, and Application for Release of Adopted Name)

For more information about searching, read answers to frequently asked questions about searching, learn about requirements for searching through Adoption Network Cleveland, or call Amy Lomis, Program Coordinator/Adult Adoptees and Birthparents, at (216) 482-2323. 
“Adoption Network Cleveland provides me unique support and understanding about being adopted.”
Lisa Buescher
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