Providing support to anyone touched by adoption or foster care is a core commitment of Adoption Network Cleveland. Regardless of how you are touched by adoption or foster care, there are a number of programs and services that can offer support to you:

  • Adoption Helpline provides support and answers to anyone with a question related to adoption. Call (216) 325-1000 or contact us via email.
  • General Support and Discussion Meetings are open to anyone touched by adoption or interested in lifelong adoption issues. Held in four locations each month throughout Cuyahoga, Summit and Lake counties.

Other programs and services are tailored to provide support to those touched by adoption in particular ways:

All of these programs and services are provided as benefits of membership. Please join us, and help us offer our support to you and others!  

If you would like more information about any of these programs and services, please call us at (216) 325-1000 or contact us via email.
“I hoped to make a difference in a teen's life. But I also got a teen who makes a difference in my life!”
Michelle Burke Holland
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