Volunteering with Adoption Network Cleveland

I am only one, but still I am one;
I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; 
 and because I cannot do everything, 
 I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. 

 -Edward Hale 

Whatever your availability, skill set, or personal interests, Adoption Network Cleveland has a need that you could fill by becoming an Adoption Network Cleveland Volunteer. Since our founding in 1988, volunteers have played a critical role in program development, advocacy, fundraising, organizational oversight and direct service.

Some positions require a great deal of commitment, while others ask for little more than a few hours of your time. What qualifies you to become an Adoption Network Cleveland Volunteer is a willingness to serve and support those individuals and communities whose lives have been touched by adoption and foster care. Today, volunteers serve our organization by: 
  • providing leadership through serving on our Board of Directors
  • serving as mentors for youth in foster care
  • assisting other members in their searches 
  • speaking to the community at large to help others understand the realities of adoption 
  • working on programs that respond to the needs of our members and the Cleveland community 
  • facilitating our General Meetings, month after month, to offer people a safe place to come to share and to listen 
  • participating in committee work that keeps us focused on our mission and the development of new services. 
  • assisting with special projects and working in our offices or behind the scenes to help make it all happen...and much more! 

For more information, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (216) 325-1000. 

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