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Traci Onders

Traci Onders

Traci Onders, Program Manager: Search, Adult Adoptees, Birth Family & DNA Discoveries
Phone: (216) 482-2323
Email: traci.onders@adoptionnetwork.org

Traci joined the Adoption Network Cleveland staff in 2016. Traci assists people who are interested in searching or are going through the search process. An integral part of her role is to provide insight, support, and guidance through the process as well as after — when that support may be more needed. 

Traci is a member of the adoption triad and brings a deep understanding to her role. Her personal journey as an adoptee includes reunion with birth family and a comprehensive DNA search to confirm the identity of a deceased birth parent, and the discovery of a paternal half-brother with misattributed parentage. She has experience and extensive training with both traditional search methods as well as genealogical searches and interpreting DNA results and using those results to solve for unknown parentage. Traci provides professional, private, and personalized counsel and direction on navigating public and private organizations to obtain information and documents. She has wide-ranging experience in providing coaching and guidance on next steps, including how to reach out and what to say. Traci provides individualized support and guidance and can assist those searching as well as those that have been found with a wide variety of support options to help them navigate their journey and find the right fit. 

Traci has her B.A. from Baldwin Wallace University in Business and Psychology. Traci has attended numerous DNA training courses, including Practical Genetic Genealogy and Advanced DNA Evidence at the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, and has presented at conferences on using DNA results and genetic genealogy to find birth parents. Traci is a member of National Genealogical Society, NGS, and International Society of Genetic Genealogy, ISOGG.