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Your community provides a shoulder to lean on, space to laugh and cry, and lifts you up in trying times. Here at Adoption Network Cleveland, we miss connecting with you in person, but we cherish the ability to support you and your community virtually through phone conversations, video programming, and more. Now, we are asking for your help. Give today and provide a future as refreshing as lemonade to your community.

The past year will have a lasting impact on most people, but our constituents are especially affected because of prior trauma that is only furthered by the change in routine and lack of social connections brought about by the pandemic. Adoption Network Cleveland is the place many have turned to throughout 2020. Without unique funding opportunities over the last year, such as the PPP loans, Adoption Network Cleveland’s future would be in jeopardy. We need you to help individuals and families create their own “refreshing” futures with a donation today.

**Please Note: Our online credit card system on our website is unable to accept international credit cards. Please call our offices at (216) 325-1000, and we can process your donation over the phone. Please ask for a Development or Finance Department staff member. We apologize for any inconvenience.**


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Thank you! Your donations to Adoption Network Cleveland make a difference!