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College Scholars Program

Adoption Network Cleveland: The Ohio Family Connection has an Adoption Scholars Program for undergraduate college students looking for real-world exposure in social work or the adoption/foster care field.

The Adoption Scholars Program is a unique experience in which students can expand their personal and professional skill set by learning more about the lifelong journey of adoption. From a variety of perspectives, which includes birthparents, adult adoptees, adoptive parents as well as prospective adoptive parents, scholars will learn the meaning of adoption through personal stories, workshops and meetings. In the end, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the mission and services provided by Adoption Network Cleveland, a full understanding of the importance of a supportive adoption and foster care community.

Participants who fulfill the requirements will receive an official Adoption Network Cleveland Scholars Program Certificate at the end of the program.

Get started with our Adoption Scholars program by downloading and reviewing the Scholars Program materials below:

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Zisk-Vitron, Director of Programs
(216) 482-2320