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When you Google the definition of family it will tell you that it is “a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.” Although this definition applies to some of the aspects of what a family is, I will argue that this isn’t an all-encompassing definition of what family means to all the people in our lives.

In June 2015, when I was 45 years old, I found out that I had two siblings I did not know about. My father called to say that a woman had contacted him claiming to be his biological child.

It's the time of year for charitable giving campaigns through employers around our community. See more details here for the best ways to give to Adoption Network Cleveland through one of these payroll deduction campaigns. As always, we appreciate your support!

Presented here are two more articles written by families in our Weaving Cultures Transracial Adoptive Family Group. He Adopted Us is written by Natalie and James: We are a racially blended family formed from the blessing of adoption. My husband is Caucasian, I am Indian American, and our adoptive son is Caucasian. At three, when Krishna first began to note his own physical differences from mine as his mother, i.e. hair and skin color, we started our first conversations about adoption. His first words on the topic were, “I adopted you.”

Race Does Matter is written by Lori McCarthy: In May of 2007, my husband and I sat our three sons down. They were nine, 13 and 15 years old. They had all been adopted as infants. They were all Caucasian. My husband and I are Caucasian. We asked the boys, “What have you always been asking for?” One boy said, “A puppy.” One boy said, “A PlayStation.” One boy said, “A sister.” We said, “Well, it looks like you will be getting a sister.” They were all so excited, and we went on to tell them, “Well, she may not look like us. She will be African American.” They were still very excited and one of the boys said, “We don’t care if she’s purple.”

Two families share their experiences of transracial parenting. Introduction by Kevin Hofmann, author, transracial adoptee.

Fifty years ago this August, my eventful life began. I was the product of an affair between my white mother and black father, and at the insistence of my mother's white husband I was immediately placed for adoption...

This Search and Reunion Story was first featured in our Summer Guidance Newsletter. "She Never Forgot About Me" tells the story of Anthony Boey being reunited with his birthsister. He calls his reunion "the best Christmas gift of all time."

This blog post tells the search and reunion story of adoptee and Adoption Network Cleveland member, Mike Holley. This story was first featured in our 2017 Spring Guidance newsletter.

This week's blog post features the story of Adoption Network Cleveland staff member, Traci Onders. Impassioned by her own experiences, and eager to help others on their own journeys of reunification and discovery, Traci joined the organization that helped her connect with her own birth family, Adoption Network Cleveland. Read more to hear the whole story.

This heartfelt story tells of how a birthmother, adoptee, and adoptive father experienced the Birthmother's Day Ceremony.

This blog features the story of Linda Kuba and Sister Maurice, the nun who helped give Linda information that was essential for Linda to find her original name. Read more to hear Linda's touching story.

In this blog series that we are sharing more Stories of Synchronicity in adoption reunion – fun and surprising “coincidences” that often seem too uncanny to be coincidence. In Part Two, we share stories on FAMILIES, SMALL WORLD, and NAMES. This series originally ran in Adoption Network Cleveland’s Spring 2017 Guidance newsletter.

You’ll see in this blog series that we are highlighting synchronicities in adoption reunion – fun and surprising “coincidences” that often seem too uncanny to be coincidence. In Part One we share one of Executive Director Betsie Norris’ personal synchronicity stories, plus others about TALENTS and PLACES. Watch this space next week for synchronicity stories on FAMILIES, SMALL WORLD, and NAMES. This series originally ran in Adoption Network Cleveland’s Spring 2017 Guidance newsletter.

Each day, through the generosity of donors, Adoption Network Cleveland fulfills its mission of connecting and empowering individuals, organizations, and communities impacted by adoption and foster care, and providing a source of healing for those in need. And thanks to the foresight of our board and leadership team, the Adoption Network Cleveland Endowment Fund was established with the Cleveland Foundation to help strengthen our long-term financial stability by augmenting external funding sources.

At Adoption Network Cleveland, we have a staff of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We'd like to share some of our stories and personal history with you. Starting off these stories is Julius Jackson. Julius has been with Adoption Network Cleveland for more than a decade, bringing his talents to the organization as our Adoption Navigator. Learn more about Julius and his story!

In the final part of our 3-part series on siblings in adoption, we hear the stories of Kerry and Kevin Gladish, adoptive siblings who didn't know they were adopted until much later in life. We also hear the story of Linda and Jeff Ivanoff, adoptive parents of a sibling group of 3 children. We hope you enjoy!

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