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Birth Parent Support

Birth Mother Support Group

Our Birth Mother Support Group provides a safe and supportive environment to help with the complexities that are often part of the adoption experience. The meetings are open to birth mothers connected by the lifelong journey of adoption and are an opportunity for birth mothers to encourage one another in their healing process through discussion and interaction. We invite you to join this group of women, who are at different places on the same journey, to give and receive understanding and support. 

Other Supports

Adoption Network Cleveland provides one-on-one peer support for both birth mothers and birth fathers. Individuals are matched with a peer who has similar experiences and can provide a compassionate ear.

Birth parents are also welcome and highly encouraged to attend monthly General Discussion Meetings where they will have an opportunity to share their journey and gain the perspective of others in the adoption constellation.

Birth parents in need of peer support or who have questions concerning our General Discussion Meetings or Birth Mother Support Group should contact Deborah Wentz, Program Associate, at deborah.wentz@adoptionnetwork.org or (216) 482-2327.

Birth parents who are interested in searching for their adult child are encouraged to contact Traci Onders, Search Specialist, Adult Adoptees & Birthparents, at traci.onders@adoptionnetwork.org or (216) 482-2323. Find out more about our Search Assistance and reunion support.

Birth Mother's Day Ceremony

Additionally, Adoption Network Cleveland has, each year since 1993, hosted a Birth Mother's Day Ceremony annually on the day before Mother’s Day. The ceremony honors and recognizes all women whose children were placed for adoption. Birth Mothers lead the ceremony and share poetry, music, and other readings. Other members of the adoption constellation also participate. The event is open to the public. Many family and friends of birthmothers, as well as adoptive families, attend. Following the ceremony, there is a reception and social hour.

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, the 2021 Birth Mother’s Day ceremony has transformed into a week-long, virtual sharing of birth mothers’ art, songs, photos, poetry, and reflections. From May 2nd to Birth Mother’s Day on May 8th, we will be posting creative works and resources, commemorating the unique birth mother experience.  The campaign can be found HERE.