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Be the Connection, the Network, and the Antidote to Isolation! Give a Gift Today.

Reflecting on the lasting emotional impact of Adoption Network Cleveland, we are reminded how universal a mere whisp of a lost computer/phone connection creates frustration, confusion, and isolation. Meeting after program after support group after search assistance after helpline, Adoption Network Cleveland is Restoring Connections for those within the adoption constellation. 

Adoption Network Cleveland is Restoring Connections. You are the connection, the network, and the antidote to isolation. Collectively, we appreciate the utility worker who restored power after the storm, the network administrator who fixes the Wi-Fi, and the helpdesk tech who offers more options than “turn it off and turn it back on.” Still, it dims in comparison to how we know those supported by Adoption Network Cleveland feel when they are connected to our network.

     “There is power in knowing we are not alone in facing these challenges.”

     “Knowing that I'm not alone in this journey is very comforting, and hearing about the steps that others has taken helps me see a path forward.”

     “I don’t feel alone like I have most of my life”

     “Not always feeling alone.”

     “My life has been very lonely with adoption issues/education. [Adoption Network Cleveland] is the family I needed and need.”

     “I don’t feel alone.”

Through donors and members like you, connections are made, tended to, and / or restored via direct service to individuals and families as well as through our public policy advocacy. By making a meaningful donation TODAY, you ensure the connectivity of our programs and support for all those impacted by adoption, kinship, and foster care will always be there.

You can DOUBLE the impact of your gift today!  We are humbled and honored by long-time supporter and donors. This year, Dottie Klem, Joseph & Anita Miller, Brendan & Lisa Buescher join Betsie Norris, Executive Director, in DOUBLING your gifts up to a total of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! To honor these philanthropic friends, we ask you to set up your donation as a “RECURRING MONTHLY GIFT.” The best way to thank Dottie, Joe, Anita, Lisa, and Brendan, is to DONATE TODAY!

YOUR DONATION could connect one isolated adoptee or fostered individual to an entire network, share one expert speaker on transracial adoption with families across the country, provide staffing for DNA Searches, as well as Birth Mother, and Adoption Constellation support groups, purchase craft supplies and snacks for a family event, or advance our legislative agenda.

Thank you for being the NETWORK which provides connections to all within the adoption constellation.   

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