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Services for Prospective Parents

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Individuals needing guidance and support during the adoption process are encouraged to contact our Helpline. Our experienced staff are able to guide prospective parents through the adoption process and provide expert non-biased support. We also provide support and guidance for foster parents seeking to adopt and relatives navigating the intricacies of caring for young family members. We can help - call or email Julius Jackson at (216) 482-2324 or julius.jackson@adoptionnetwork.org.

Adoption 101: Where Do I Begin? Workshop

Considering becoming a parent or expanding a family through adoption can be both exciting and overwhelming. There is so much information available about adoption that people often ask, “Where do I begin?” In celebration of our 35th Anniversary, the December workshop will be free for all attendees.

Adoption 101 is a workshop intended for people looking into adoption for the first time.

Program covers:
Types of Adoption
Adoption Providers
Three Roads to Adoption

  • Public, Waiting Child Adoption
  • Private, Domestic Infant Adoption
  • International Adoption

Financial Considerations
Adoptive Parent Panel
Adoption is a Lifelong Journey
Questions and Answers

The workshop is designed to help prospective adoptive parents prepare, build confidence, and make a decision about the best route for their adoption journey.

Adoption Network Cleveland is a neutral source of information, as we are not an adoption agency facilitating any adoptions.


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For more information about our Adoption 101 workshops and our Adoption Helpline, contact:

Julius Jackson, Training Coordinator
216) 482-2324