Our Address:
12200 Fairhill Road, Floor A3
Fairhill Partners Collaborative Campus
Cleveland, OH 44120

Weaving Cultures Transracial Family Group

The Weaving Cultures Transracial Family Group is for families who have been formed through transracial adoption. Its purpose is to offer a setting where both children and adults can form relationships and spend time with other families who share similar experiences through social and educational opportunities.

Find out what events are scheduled, including our virtual peer support group specifically for transracial adoptive parents, and register through our calendar

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Parents can also connect with other transracial adoptive parents in our Weaving Cultures Transracial Adoptive Family Group through our private group on Facebook.

For more information and to be added to the email list:

Janelle Poskocil, Program Coordinator - Families & Youth
(216) 482-2332