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We recognize adoption as a complex, lifelong, and intergenerational journey with ongoing impact for all those whose lives are touched by it.

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Monday Evening Speaker Series Presents:
Identity Formation with Jack Rocco

8:00 - 9:00 PM ET
Monday, October 2


Where Does Free Will Fit in the Nature/Nurture Debate Related to Identity Formation?

In his first book Recycled: A Reluctant search for True Self Through Nurture, Nature and Free-Will Jack F. Rocco M.D. takes you along his journey of self-discovery as he experienced it. His coming to terms with the details of his adoption during the “Baby Scoop” era is sure to resonate with many of those in the adoption constellation.

As the Gordian knot of his history unravels Dr. Rocco questions everything in his life and his role in it. He initially blames everyone including himself as he navigates through the nurture and nature of his story. Simultaneously and at times guiltily, he looks deeply into the role his free-will played in bringing him to the life he now experiences.

Join us for a deep dive into the free-will element of his story and consider an approach the adoptee can take in regaining control over a life that is often completely out of their control. Eventually he hopes to find peace and authenticity as he should. Dr. Rocco hopes to create more questions than answers for each adoptee to consider just as he was forced to.

About Jack Rocco
Jack Rocco M.D. is author of Recycled, which chronicles the behind-the-scenes, reluctant, and subconscious journey exploring the impact of being relinquished and adopted during the baby-scoop era of the mid-sixties. As he eventually finds his birth families, he also finds himself. He is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and lives outside Hartford, CT. 

Recycled: A Reluctant Search for True Self Through Nurture, Nature, and Free Will is Jack’s first book. 

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