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We recognize adoption as a complex, lifelong, and intergenerational journey with ongoing impact for all those whose lives are touched by it.

Adoption Network Cleveland is a leader in bringing the adoption community together to create a support and advocacy network. As the need to keep us all safe continues, we are pleased to offer a second session of the popular Monday Evening Speaker Series full of interesting topics to a wide audience impacted by adoption, kinship, and foster care. Please join us for our next installment of this free virtual series.

Monday, April 12, 2021 (8-9 pm ET)  - Ron Nydam

The Trouble with Love – Adoptee Style

The wound of relinquishment may have a great deal of influence on the romantic attraction that adoptees sometimes experience. “Why do we marry the people we marry?” “How is it that romantic attraction leads us to one person and not to another?” Ron Nydam will dive into the topic and discuss whether the injury of relinquishment becomes the guiding point that informs adoptees concerning the way in which their love lives actually play out. This very unconscious process is key to a deeper understanding of why we love the way we love and shines a light on why many adoptees make unconscious choices “falling in love” that reflect an unfinished personal struggle with the impacts of relinquishment. It is precisely what we do not know about ourselves that gets us in the most trouble. 

Together we build community and help create a brighter future.

Our Mission

Adoption Network Cleveland connects and empowers individuals, organizations, and communities impacted by adoption and foster care, providing a source of healing for those in need since 1988.

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  • -Phillip T.
    -Phillip T.

    “Connecting with her birth family, exploring and engaging with other adoptees in the community, and the relationship my wife has with Adoption Network personally have given her more than I can even express and gave us the foundation to continue onward with our own little family.”

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Direct-to-consumer DNA kits have exposed another issue kept silent in the past by deception – fertility fraud. Our organization is supporting legislation that would make fertility fraud a criminal offense in Ohio.

Kim Rednour will be interning with our Development & Communications department during the spring semester. We are excited to have Kim join us for a short while to work on our Creating Futures campaign and communication efforts.

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