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Adoption Network Cleveland is pleased to offer a Monday Evening Speaker Series full of topics that are of interest to a broad audience impacted by adoption, kinship, and foster care.


Upcoming Presentations

Our Monday Evening Speaker Series returns on September 26, 2022. 


Monday, September 26

8:00-9:00 pm ET
Adoption and Addiction presented by Zara Phillips

Adopted people are overrepresented in statistics reflecting addiction. Why is that? Zara Phillips will join us for this Monday Evening Speaker Series presentation and lead a discussion on why adoption and addiction are interconnected for so many adoptees. She will also share her own addiction story and reflect on how getting sober led her to understand the impact adoption had on her life. Zara will talk about the tools that have helped her stay sober and the challenges one faces when navigating a complex family life.

About Zara Phillips

Born and raised in London, Zara is an adoptee, author, performer, singer/songwriter, and activist. Her acclaimed works include, "Mother Me (2009)," Somebody's Daughter (2018)," and the song, "I'm Legit," co-written and performed with Darryl McDaniels (DMC of Run-DMC). She has also written a 30-minute documentary, "Roots Unknown - an Adoption Film" which is the Winner of the Garden State Film Festival's Best Short Home Grown Documentary, and the one-woman show, "Beneath My Father's Sky," winner of the United Solo Festival's Best Direction award. Zara explores the complexities of relationships and explores the theme of connection and healing through her music, writing, and facilitating workshops. She has presented across the UK and States on adoption topics.

Learn more about Zara on her website: http://www.zaraphillips.net

"I'm Legit" by Zara Phillips - https://youtu.be/3TuPIC-1Rmo
Roots Unknown - An Adoption Film - https://youtu.be/-2CBashETD0
Beneath My Father's Sky - http://www.zaraphillips.net/performing/beneath-my-fathers-sky/

Monday, October 3

8:00-9:00 pm ET

Self-Love & Forgiveness: A Path Towards Healing My Inner Wound presented by Danielle Gaudette

In this talk, Danielle will share her adoption story, the psychological and emotional unraveling that she experienced after her reunion with her birth mother, and how she dedicated herself to the process of healing her heart. Although the healing journey is an ongoing one, filled with ups and downs, awakenings, and transformation, Danielle will share the tools that helped her on this path – tools that she has, in turn, been teaching for the last twenty years to students across the country who wish to go within and cultivate more loving, forgiving, and harmonious relationships with themselves.

About Danielle Gaudette

Danielle Gaudette, author of Healing Tree: An Adoptee’s Story About Hurting, Healing and Letting the Light Shine Through, has been writing poetry and short stories since she was six years old. She graduated from the University of Iowa, where she continued her study of creative writing. Her Healing Tree blog can be found at www.daniellegaudette.com.  

An adoptee, Danielle was reunited with her birth mother, Kate Mulgrew, in 1998.

After discovering her inner light in 2000, she took time to explore her inner world more deeply and worked to help others do the same. As a twenty-year trainer and coach in Body & Brain principles and practices, she currently works in Seattle as the regional director of Washington Body & Brain Centers. She cares deeply about honesty, transparency, and making sure people feel safe, encouraged, and empowered to go within themselves to face their pain and hardships. She believes that in doing so, they will be able to uncover the strength and wisdom to heal their inner wounds and create themselves anew.

This is how she lives her life: she practices facing her own wounds and has found that, in doing so, she is brought closer to her light. She shares her story in Healing Tree to help others find the courage to go inward, the courage to heal their hearts. Her passion is to continue to awaken herself to the true principles of the universe and to help others awaken as well.

She feels that with every person who chooses to do their own inner work, we are lifting the collective fear, resentment, and darkness, and we are brightening humanity—together.

Monday, October 10 

8:00-9:00 pm ET (7:00 pm Central)

The Intersection of Adoption and Healthcare in the Post-Roe Era presented by Rebecca Vahle

In this post-pandemic world, healthcare has never been more impacted by short staffing and high patient needs. How can healthcare then create a safety net for families before, during, and after birth that acknowledges the added complexities amplified by the recent SCOTUS decision? Rebecca Vahle, founder of Family to Family Support Network (FFSN), will join us for this Monday Evening Speaker Series to share her experience working in the space of Women's Healthcare since 2004, where she has defined best practice for adoption-sensitive care in the hospital. Learn about FFSN's Unique Families Program(R) and how its implementation can empower healthcare professionals and families across the country. 

About Rebecca Vahle, M.Ed

Rebecca founded the Family to Family Support Network® (FFSN) as a pro-education non-profit organization in 2015. Currently holding the title of Executive Director, Rebecca and her team have been training healthcare professionals in Unique Family Care for 18 years. Rebecca is well qualified to speak about the specific needs of unique families. She and her husband Michael are the parents of three young adults whom they adopted as infants. Two vastly different hospital experiences 20+ years ago put Rebecca on the path of providing standardized neutral compassionate care for healthcare professionals to better serve families like hers.


Completed Presentations

Recordings of previous speakers can be found below for your enjoyment. Thank you to our speakers for their generosity in sharing their time and expertise with Adoption Network and our community.