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Foster Youth & Alumni Resources

  • United Way 211The United Way 2-1-1 Help Center provides free and confidential 24-hour access to a compassionate professional who will review your options for help, develop a plan and act as your advocate if you are faced with barriers to service. Use the link or simply dial 2-1-1 for assistance in Cuyahoga County or neighboring counties. 

  • A Place 4 Me: It is not an actual place, but rather an idea that all youth will have a place, specifically those youth who have high risks for homelessness and are in transition from leaving the child welfare system or other systems.   

  • BridgesA voluntary program available to young adults who left foster care in Ohio at ages 18, 19 or 20 and who are in school, working, participating in an employment program, or have a medical condition that prevents them from going to school or working. The program provides guidance and support as they transition to adulthood. 

  • Fill This House: Provides household needs for transitioning youth in independent housing 

  • Foster ACTION Ohio Alumni of Care Together Improving Outcomes Now Ohio (ACTION Ohio) is dedicated to improving outcomes for current and former foster care youth. Foster ACTION Ohio brings together the voices of youth, alumni and allies to create lasting change and generate hope for current and former foster youth, based on access to resources, ally support, and alumni expertise. 

  • Foster Club: Foster Club is a national network dedicated to providing a peer support network for children and youth in foster care.   

  • Cuyahoga County Homeless Services: Resources to prevent homelessness or for those youth who are currently homeless. 

  • Bellefaire Homeless Youth Program: A program for homeless, missing, and runaway youth who are in need of crisis intervention, possible respite, and case management. 24/7 Homeless and Missing Youth Hotline: 216-570-8010. 

  • LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland: The Center is a one-stop hub that provides a welcoming and visible place that brings the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community together for resources, support, connections, and programming. 

  • Community of Hope: A mentoring program designed for young adults ages 18-24 who are leaving foster care. They create small communities around a young adult to support them in making the transition successfully.   

  • TAG (Teen Advocate Youth Group Council): Provides support, encouragement, and a voice for teens. Works with teens, staff, and our community partners to address the changing needs of teens in care and those aging out. 

  • AFFIRM.ME: The AFFIRM.ME program is a set of services developed specifically to improve the lives of LGBTQ2S youth in foster care. 

  • Youth Education: Education resources for youth who are aging out or who have aged out of foster care.

  • Youth-Employment: Resources for job opportunities for youth. 

  • Youth Pages (United Way):  A directory created by United Way Youth in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. It will help you learn about health issues, drugs, and addiction, dealing with violence, student rights, recreation and more.