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Family Resources


  • The Adoptee Film Channel: A selection of short films by Jean Strauss focusing on the adoptees which help many understand the issues adoptees face. 

  • Cuyahoga County Adoption Subsidy Information: Adoption Subsidies are financial and service assistance given to the adoptive family to assist with meeting the child’s special needs. Subsidies are available for children with special needs or circumstances who meet the eligibility criteria. For further information, please contact Andrea Ginter with the Post Adoption/Subsidies Unit at 216-881-4090 or Andrea.Ginter@jfs.ohio.gov. 

  • Ohio Foster Care and Adoption Office of Families and Children is part of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Provides resources and training for potential foster and/or adoptive parents. 

  • Open Adoption Fact Sheet for Families: Provides adoptive families with information for understanding and maintaining open adoption.  Describes various levels of openness, potential benefits, important considerations, and tips for building and strengthening open relationships.

  • Post Adopt for Intercountry Adoption: Information for obtaining citizenship, post-adoption and post-placement Reporting, and post adopt services. 

  • Post Adoption Special Services Subsidy (PASSS): PASSS is a subsidy designed to help Ohio families after adoptions are finalized and is available to all adoptive families, with the exception of stepparent adoptions. More information can be found starting on page 12.

  • The American Society for the Positive Care of ChildrenProvides a collection of free online parenting resources and a Learning Center which focuses on helping every child have the chance to become an outstanding adult.  

Counseling Resources 

Transracial Adoptive Family Resources

  • The Adopted Life: A blog whose mission is “strengthening the adoption community by empowering adoptees.” The blog includes both essays from the founder Angela Tucker and also includes a series of videos with Ms. Tucker interviewing adoptees. Ms. Tucker has also created a documentary, Closure, that details her search for her first family. 

  • Code Switch:  An NPR weekly podcast about race has an episode about transracial adoption titled Our Homeland is Each Other.

  • NACAC Transracial Resources:  A comprehensive list of adoptee perspective resources including blogs and books.

  • My Mind on Paper Speaker and author Kevin Hofmann shines a light on race relations and transracial adoption.

Kinship Resources