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Below is a list of articles, blogs, videos and podcasts recently shared by Adoption Network Cleveland on our social media. This content has been created by individuals outside of our organization and as such is their intellectual property and opinions. Click on the date to access the content.

  • "Choosing to adopt a child of a different race should be a very conscious decision. Parents will need to be intentional about embracing opportunities and challenges that are associated with raising a child of another race." Pepperdine Online shares key steps adoptive parents should take to "Empower Adopted Children of Color in the Face of Racism and Discrimination."

  • Any surprise can be traumatic, but a DNA surprise raises one of life’s most fundamental questions: Who am I? Your very identity is made up of your memories, your shared stories, and experiences with family and friends. When you find out that something is not true, or not exactly true, it is a major shock to your emotional system. Psychologist Greg Markway talks to Severance Magazine about the trauma that can be caused by unexpected DNA findings.

  • Ohio Unveils Limited Plan to Pay Relatives Caring for Kids - Advocates for Ohio adults caring for related children in their custody insist a new law that raises payments for such caregivers doesn't go far enough, signaling that achievement of a solution that satisfies all parties isn't yet in hand.

  • In this episode of The Adoptee Next Door podcast, Angela Tucker speaks with Alex, a 17-year-old transgender woman, to discuss adoption, the intersections of LGBTQ culture, and how quarantine provided a silver lining for Alex's transition period.

  • Even though Leah grew up in a multiracial family of transracial adoptees with parents that espoused diversity, African American heritage, anti-racism, and tolerance, she self-describes herself as "hellbent on being seen as fully white." In this article, she talks about the journey that led her to that place of self-loathing, and what has happened since she became a mother herself.

  • The Irish government is to apologise after an investigation found an "appalling level of infant mortality" in the country's mother-and-baby homes. Established in the 19th and 20th Centuries, the institutions housed women and girls who became pregnant outside marriage. The article also notes that the mothers did not receive the level of care and support they needed, however it falls short from acknowledging abuse and forced adoption.

  • We are pleased to share a podcast today featuring our former coworker, Linda, who shared her experience as an adoptive parent in an open adoption during a recent episode of The Long View Podcast.

    "Linda is an adoptive mom who found herself swimming upstream against societal norms. In 1992, Linda was chosen to be mom to her son by his first mother. That very first word of that very first phone conversation — “hello” — led Linda to see her son's first mother as a real person, facing a real-life heartbreaking challenge, and immediately Linda’s heart was opened. The power of the ensuing and enduring relationships is being documented in a book to inspire others. Linda has been a speaker and writer about open adoption over the last twenty years and was honored as an Angel in Adoption by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute in 2012. "

  • Two of our favorites join together to address the complex issues adoptees face when dealing with the holidays - Leslie Johnson, MFT and Haley Radke of the podcast Adoptees On. This episode is a must!

    "The holiday season is here and that means we get to ask one of our favourite adoptee therapists, Lesli A. Johnson, MFT, your questions! We can be juggling multiple families, boundary issues, estrangement and loneliness, not to mention the global pandemic. Lesli and Haley talk through some challenging situations and try to help you figure out what YOU want out of this season."

  • For children who are in foster care, or who have been adopted, the holiday season can be difficult. There are lots of feelings of loss, grief, and sadness. These emotions can be all-consuming. This episode of "The Honestly Adoption" podcasts gives parents practical steps to help their children cope with grief during the holidays.

  • Holidays and birthdays can be extremely difficult days for birthparents. Ashley and Kelsey, hosts of the Twisted Sisterhood podcast (a podcast for birthmoms), dive into discussion about how our bodies hold trauma around these milestones, and how it affects many birthmoms.

  • Adoption: The Long View Podcast, Episode 9
    Dr. Abbie Goldberg has spent 15 years studying openness in adoption and the impacts on adoptive families. In this recent episode, Lori Holden, host of "The Long View" podcast features an interview with Dr. Goldberg. Listen in as she tells us how families tend to change over time regarding openness, how their openness impacts their children, the role of adoption agencies in setting expectations on both sides, and other wisdom gleaned from 15 years of following adoptive families.