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Our Stories

Meet our new Donor Engagement Specialist, C.J. Washington!

We are so pleased to have CFNA join our Corporate Partners program this year, supporting programs that help children and families stay strong and resilient.

A BIG Shout Out to our Collaborator-Level Corporate Partner, Kaulig Giving! Thank you for supporting Adoption Network Cleveland! Kaulig Giving is committed to bringing enthusiasm, compassion, and support to every aspect of their giving and volunteer engagements, supporting the well-being of children and families in our community.

Adoption Network Cleveland has welcomed several new staff members in the last six months. We would like to take the opportunity to introduce each of them and share our excitement as we look toward the new year with fresh ideas and excitement! This week, we provide an opportunity to get to know our Program Coordinator for Families and Youth, Brian Lutz.

Adoption Network Cleveland is thrilled to announce our 2021 Triad Advocate of the Year: Cloé Cooper! Find out a little bit more about Cloé and her work as an advocate for Ohio's youth in foster care and foster care alum.

Even though Debra worked in the child welfare field and had been around adoption her entire life, finding out as an adult that she was herself adopted but had not been told was a shocking experience for her. Through a referral from a coworker, she was able to find Adoption Network Cleveland and found support, understanding, and healing in our General Discussion Meetings.

We are re-sharing our popular blog post on the use of direct to consumer DNA testing as this is a timely topic with DNA kits being on sale frequently over the holidays. What are the pros and cons? What should you consider? How will you interpret the results? DNA testing has proven to be an effective tool in adoption searches and we are here to help!

Our newest Grants and Donor Engagement VISTA comes to Adoption Network Cleveland with a wealth of experiences in serving through service, leadership in complex circumstances, and through lived experiences as a member of the adoption constellation. We are very happy to welcome Bethany Murray as she spends a year with us as part of the Americorps VISTA program, preparing for a career in social work and advocacy.

A statement adapted from a communication to the Ohio Senate from members of ACTION Ohio, the Ohio Youth Advisory Board (YAB), and the Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio calling for a statewide Youth Ombudsman Office. Adoption Network Cleveland is one of the many organizations supporting this campaign.

Kendall Miller is Adoption Network Cleveland's new Outreach & Communications VISTA. She will be with us for the next year, focusing on outreach in the community to increase our program attendance and also enhancing our organization's communications strategies. Welcome Kendall!

Every year, more than $4 billion dollars in matching gift revenue is not accessed by donors in the US. Find out how you can make sure this opportunity to double your donation doesn't pass you by!

As an adoptee or a birth family member, you legally have access to the non-identifying information file at the adoption agency that facilitated the adoption or Probate Court. What is non-identifying information and how can adoptees and birth family access these records? Through working with birth family members and adoptees in Ohio who are trying to find answers regarding their genetic identity, family, and/or medical history, Adoption Network Cleveland has identified some areas where we believe an effort to raise awareness about current law will be helpful for those impacted as well as for the professionals who serve them.

Adoption Network Cleveland is preparing for our 2021 Lobby Day and we need your help! Volunteers are needed to prepare materials, make appointments with legislators and to participate in Lobby Day.

Olivia Yamamoto fit in perfectly with our team at Adoption Network Cleveland, despite the many challenges of the last year. She completed her VISTA year remotely as our Grants & Donor Engagement VISTA with flying colors, using her articulate writing skills and inventive ideas to expand our grant awards during the pandemic. Everyone on staff appreciates the hard work and dedication she brought to her service, and we can't wait to see what Olivia will accomplish next as she moves forward with college and tackles the world! Hear what Olivia has to say about her year with Adoption Network Cleveland.

Estes Turner’s adoption journey has led to not only a reunion with his birth mother and other family members, but also a commitment to Adoption Network and helping others in their own journey.