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Education & Community Outreach

Adoption Network Cleveland: The Ohio Family Connection views adoption/foster care professionals and our community as critical partners in the work we do, supporting those connected to foster care and adoption throughout their journey. 

Through our Education & Community Outreach activities, our organization creates a community for professional training, development, and collaboration for those who work with the adoption, foster care, and kinship; as well as educational opportunities for members of the adoption constellation and the community at large.

Adoption Network Cleveland provides a robust list of resources from our organization and the community, that can be helpful for professionals, constellation members, and other individuals in the community as well as works collaboratively to offer specific services. These services include:

For additional questions about how we can support you and your organization, please contact one of our Education & Community Outreach staff members:

Julius Jackson, Training & Volunteer Coordinator (Adoption Assessor Training)
(216) 482-2324

Betsie Norris, Executive Director (Monday Evening Speaker Series)
(216) 482-2314