Our Address:
12200 Fairhill Road, Floor A3
Fairhill Partners Collaborative Campus
Cleveland, OH 44120

Advocacy & Public Policy

A unified voice is a strong voice

Since its inception Adoption Network Cleveland: The Ohio Family Connection has been deeply involved in advocacy and public policy work. One of our founding principles is to create social change and serve as a collective voice for many who feel otherwise silenced. The organization acts to effectuate changes in public policy governing adoption and child welfare. This public policy includes laws, agency regulations, and societal attitudes.

By amplifying the perspectives of those impacted, we use grassroots and other lobbying efforts to ensure these voices are heard.

From championing access to original birth certificates for all adult adoptees to addressing barriers to permanency for older youth waiting in foster care, we work to educate elected officials. Over the years Adoption Network Cleveland has participated in and led many collaborative efforts with legislative workgroups, task forces, coalitions, and partnerships geared toward creating ethical and more transparent adoption and child-welfare practices.

On a more individual level, Adoption Network Cleveland also works with hundreds of adoptees, birthparents, adoptive parents, and foster youth each year to educate them about their rights and empower them to advocate for themselves.