Our Address:
12200 Fairhill Road, Floor A3
Fairhill Partners Collaborative Campus
Cleveland, OH 44120

Meet Our Donors

Legacy Circle

Members of Adoption Network Cleveland's Legacy Circle have made or have committed to making a planned gift to Adoption Network Cleveland through a bequest, retirement assets, or deferred gift. Learn more about how you and your family can Leave a Legacy

  • Linda Bellini & Terrence Evans
  • Kimberley Donato
  • Margaret Kacerek
  • Dottie Klemm
  • Betsie Norris
  • Murray & Susan Van Epp

If you have included Adoption Network Cleveland in your will as a beneficiary, or through other estate planning, please let us know by contacting our Director of Development & Communications at (216) 482-2319 or tammy.willet@adoptionnetwork.org.

Family Funds

A Family Fund is a fund that is established in honor or in memory of any family or individual, to which friends and family can donate, thereby creating an ongoing and stable source of revenue for Adoption Network Cleveland.  A Family Fund can be created by making a minimum gift or pledge of $5,000 over three years. 

The following is a list of our current Family Funds:

  • Brad Norris Memorial Fund, created by Founder and Executive Director Betsie Norris 
  • Buescher Family Fund, created by Board Member Lisa A. Buescher and Brendan Buescher 
  • Lashutka Family Fund, created by Ken and Luanne Latutka 
  • Donald E. and Kathleen M. Sokolik Family Fund, created by Don and Kathleen Sokolik 
  • Van Epp Family Fund, created by Murray and Susan Van Epp


Thank you to our donors!

The following list represents donations and memberships made by corporations, organizations, foundations, and individuals between October 2019 - September 2020. 

Adoption Network Cleveland has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the lists. We apologize for any misspellings or omissions. Please inform us of any errors so that we may correct our records at hello@adoptionnetwork.org or (216) 482-2319.

Donations between $20,000 and Above

The George Gund Foundation

The Catherine L. & Edward A. Lozick Foundation

Susan and Murray Van Epp

Donations between $10,000 - $19,999

Andrews Foundation 

The Higley Fund

Eaton Charitable Fund

Thom and Celeste Nykamp

Donations between $5,000 - $9,999

Joseph and Bethany Brennan

Cleveland Automobile Club Fund

Echo Health Inc.

Dottie Klemm

Daniel and Jane Leschnik

Meaden & Moore LLP

Anita and Joseph Miller

Robert H. Reakirt Foundation c/o PNC Charitable Trusts

The Roy A. Hunt Foundation 

The Sam J. Frankino Foundation

Thomas and Pamela Sohlberg

The Sherwin-Williams Foundation

Donations between $2,500 - $4,999

BakerHostetler, LLC

Trevor Bauer

Lisa and Brendan Buescher

Kara Carter

Chemical Bank a Division of TCF National Bank

The Children's Guild

Lindsay and Patrick Domingo

Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation

Episcopal Church Diocese of Ohio

Daniel and Kathleen Gisser

Kaulig Giving

The Progressive Insurance Foundation

Kathleen and Don Sokolik

The Swagelok Foundation 

Uncorked Wine Festivals, Inc.

Donations between $1,000 - $2,499

Sherri Appleton and Marty Resnik

Cathy and Jim Belk

The Bonomo Family Foundation 

Emily Bopp

Marissa and Edd Brydle

Century Federal Credit Union

Molly and Richard Cissell

Cohen & Company

Carlin and Megan Culbertson

Donald and Mary Garber

Laureen and Willie Harbert

Gayle Klinker

Ken and Luanne Lashutka

Emily and Jon-Michael Lemon

Daniel and Ally McClain

Medical Mutual of Ohio 

Sarah and Dan Mikusa

Cheryl Morrow-White and Bobbette Morrow

Patricia Murnen

Kelly and Peter Nagusky

NPK Construction

Ockerman Consulting

Betsy and Terry Renninger

Andrea and Stuart Rubin

Anthony Sallah

Richard and Susan Stark

Donations Between $500 - $999

American Fundraising Foundation

Baraona's Bakery Frank & Gail Cheraso

Denise Sanelli Barone and Michael Barone

Linda Bellini and Terry Evans

Beverly Calabrese

Dan Carroll

Ronald Copfer Jr.

Cathy Doyle

George Graham and Michael Fleenor

Peggy Haeger

Elaine Hagan

Faye Kaplan

Jeanne and Bill Kurtz

Eamon and Lauren Larkin

Steve and Anna Latkovic

Ann Longobardi

Alicia Love

Joshua Lusk

Charles McVan

Betsie Norris

Brenda Norton

 Mike Nowak

Aaron Ockerman

James Simler and Amy Zhang

Jean Strauss

Sunshine Children's Foundation

Elizabeth Swenson

Jamie Tuss and Phil Tokarsky

John Wiedemann and Pamala Schnellinger

Kelvin Woodford

Mary Beth Zimmer

Donations Between $250 - $499

Katherine Aselage

Suzanne Bachner and Bob Brader

Tammy Willet Beckman and Sean Beckman

Alison Bedford-Wilson

Loretta Berg

Barbara Berger and Eli Ofek

Kathleen Berkner and Kurt Runge

John and Kelly Bonfiglio

Stephen Braat

David Bynum

Gail and Frank Cheraso

Ensign and Lana Cowell

Deborah and Matthew Crawford 

Erica Curry Van Ee and Brian Van Ee

Raffaele Di Lallo

Carolyn Dodds

Kimberley Donato

Howard and Laura Dulmage

Meegan Elliott

Marcilyn Wade Foster

Sheldon and Nan Gisser

Denise Goodman

James Graham and David Dusek

Christine Gwazdauskas and Matt Belek

Elise Hagesfeld

Marni Hall

Maureen and James Heffernan

Alyce Jenkins

Jordan Kay and Gabriella Ott

Peggy Kranyak and Jeff Mertic

Malia Lewis and Margot Damaser

Laura Loebl

Michael Maher

Matt McNulty

Allen Miller

Elizabeth Morris

Edith Nelson

Lynette Phillips

Paul Schibbelhute

Zachary Schweda

Arlene and Tim Sheeran

Fareed Siddiq

Dan Smith

Lynda Herman Thomas

Joan and Edward Thomsen

Magdalene Wendel and Doris Thome

Hayley Williams

John and Sara Zaranec

Donations up to $249

Roberta Aber and Bill Rich

Cynthia Abraham

Laura Adams

Julie Adams Walcher

Anna Allen

Clare Allen

Amazon Smile

Barbara Anderson

Chris Anderson

Karen Anderson and Harry Rees

Megan Anderson

Melanie Annotico

Luda Arkhipov

Terri Arnold

Lee I. Ascherman and Lindsay Levine

Michael Aselage

Robert Avramescu

Colleen Bacha

Pierce Baek

Carol and Joseph Barbieri

Barker Makenzie Darah

Wendy and Shannon Barkett

Barb Bartel

Marc Beechuk

Carolyn Bell

Annie Benjamin

Bertha and Clinton Bennett

Stuart Berger

Brittany Betschman

Anna Bianco

Virginia Bischert

Rochelle Black

Jane Blackie

Greg Blair and Corey Snyder

Alice and Larry Blake

Gerald Blake and Susan Kaeser

Carol Blauman

Sara Blubaugh

Cristine Board

Linda Boseman

Kristine Bour

Meredith Boyle

Becky Brady Olson

Evie Braman

Wendy and Bernard Branner

Ginger Breckenridge

Barbara Breen

Michelle Breen

Nicole Breimaier Rozsa

Dan Bronish

Elizabeth Brougher

Angela Lee Brown

Hannah Brown

Jennifer Brunkow

Madeline Buescher

Ted Buescher

Diane Burchfield

Jennifer and Tim Burke

Matthew Burke

Ira Burnim and Elizabeth Samuels

Gina Burwood

Chenel Bush

Melissa Butts

Martha J. Byrd

Stacy Caddey

Vickie Cain

Kelley Calabrese

Abigail Caldwell

Dina Campola

Karen Carl

Tony Carman

Nancy Carpenter

Andrea Carroll

Donna Marie Carroll

Lee Anne Chambers

Hannah Cheadle

Sara Cheheyl Ttee

Michael Cheraso

Nicole Cheraso

Marlene Chimes

Jill Clark

Tyann Cliffel

Betsy Coffey

Brenda Iris Collado

Joann College

Amy Collins

Norma Collins

Daniel Conde

Paula Connor

Eric Converse

Shannon Copfer Brace

Kay Corbin

Patricia Cornell

Mary Cotturo

Jodi and Scott Cowgill

Tara Creecy

Laura Cullen

David Currie

Jacqueline Currie-Calvi

Mary Cushing

Linda Custer

CycleBar Beachwood

Valerie Czerwien

Mary D'Agostino

Scott Danielson

Ram Das

Colleen Davis

Deborah Dawson Wolff

Amanda Deal

Arthur Debardeleben

Elizabeth DeGaetano

Joseph Deinhart

Renee DeLuca

Paula Demechko Langston

Terry Denholm

Tom Denicholas

Elizabeth Dery

Jim Deskins Pam Deskins

Peter Dials

Alice DiCola

Laura Diemer

Gwendolyn Dillingham

Leslie Dingeldein

Rachida Djebel

Pamela Dodds

Joyce Dodrill Krieger

Victoria Dolinsky

Paul Donahue

Amber Donovan

Susan Doty

Dean Dreifke

Becky Drinnen

Maureen Duffy

Susan Duffy

Sandra Durbin

Tami Dziak

Julie Eccleston

Sara Edwards

Marcia Egbert

 Keven Drummond Eiber and Jeff Eiber

Donna Eichelberger

Mary Einwald

Jamie Elberson

Kate Elizabeth

Trevor Elkins

Melissa Engbert

Maureen English

Ericka Epps

Douglas Ernest Jr.

Christopher Esmurdoc and Vince Kovacic

Carol L. Evans

Tamara and Jeffrey Evans

Sandra Fay

Michelle Felder

Stacey Fellinger

Joseph Ferenczy

Jesse Ferrigno

Diane Ferry

Fetch & Co.

Annette Fetter

Maribeth Filipic-Katt and Don Katt

Kelly and Ryan Fisher

Carol and Robert Flexer

Nancy Florio

Rayna Fomby

Donna and Jeff Foote

Frank Ford

Kaila Forsythe

Dirk Fox

Christine Francisco

Lynn Franklin Assoc. Ltd.

Thom Frazier

Janna French

Janet Frey

Maureen Frey

Juliana Fritschel

Lance Fry

Jasmine Fryer

Danielle and Jared Gadomski Littleton

Marcy Gansler

Melissa Garr

Bradley Gascoigne

Rosemarie Gattozzi

Jamie Gay

Dawn Gedeon Gray

Paul Hotchkiss Gelfand

Anthony Genco

Carrie Gentile

Denise Gerda

Jennifer Gere

Kathleen and Jeff Gerrard

Betsy and Mark Gersten

Alisa Getzinger

Karen and Bryan Gillooly

Marilyn Gisser

Sheri Gist

Tim Glinski

Norman Goldwire

Caroline Golon

Tara and Steven Gower

Ben Greenberg

Mark Greenfield and Diane Smilanick

Sarah Greer

Sue Gregory

Adrian Griffin

Victor K. Groza

Steven Grzincic

Jessica Guerrieri and Dan Harvey

Gretchen Gustavich

Beverly and Rob Haettich

Monica Hagan

William Hahn

Sandra Halliburton

Becky Harding

Darlene Harper

Gale Harr

Jo Ann Harris

Kathryn and Kurt Harvey

Maureen Harvey

James Hassel

Sarah Hastings and Katie Brown

Pam Hawkins

Carol Hayward

Christine Hazlinger

Maret Headley

Elizabeth Henderson

Michelle Hensley

Cathy Herron

Kathleen Heydorn

Stephanie Hiedemann

Mary Higgins

Eileen Hildebrecht

Shakira Hill

Monica Hilmer

Steve Holliday

Katie Hoover

Colleen and Scott Hopkins

Erin Hopkins McHugh

Christine Houston

Ada Hubbard

Rhonda Ann Hudson

Lindsey Huling

Ellen Hunt

Adam Huntley

Heather Hurwitz

Chuck Hutchinson

Sarah Hyde-Pinner and Christopher Pinner

Kevin Hyland

Jason Ilacqua

Susan Ito

Mary Lynn and Dave Jackowicz

Cecilia Jackson

Marilyn and Keith Jacobs

Sheila Jakacki

Wendy Jelinek

Mary Lou Jenkins

Nicole Jira

Jeffrey John

Dardreana Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Stalyce-Joi Johnson-Bey

Jan Jones and Sheldon Artz

Paula Jones

Caressa Joyce

Sara Kaas Lyle

Suneel Kamath

Katherine Kaminski

Jeffrey Keener

Allen Kellogg

Madeleine Kennell

Key Bank Foundation

Ashley King

Betty Kinzler

Jennifer Kochan-Rice

Nicole Koharik

Christine Kohls-Hunder

Ron Kolodziej

Sarah Koontz

Courtney Kopf

Benjamin Kosir

Celia Kosir

Joe Kosir

Leo Kosir

Diana Kosley

Martin Kosmin

Lynn Koster

Steve Kostoff

Gabrielle Kovach and Dan Lageson

Holly Kowalski

Julie Kristoff

Melissa Kubasta

Sandy Kubit

Janice L. Kundtz

Yvonne LaBonte

Monica Lacks

Tina Lafferty

Jeanne Lamb

Christine Landon

Barb Larson

Linda Leach

Neville Lee

Oliver Leembruggen

Laura Lemermeier

Virginia Lester

Catherine and Stephen Leuenberger

Barry Levine

Annette Levy

Beth Linderbaum

James Link

Kimberly Littell

Catherine Lodge

Virginia Lowers

Tom Lukens

Candice Lunar

Emily Lundmark

Sarah K. Lynch

Christine and John Mack

Anne Mackow

Emilie Madeline

Audra Wren Mahon

Pamela Maidens

Lisa Malak

Hermione Malone

Tommy Manfreda

Matthew Manley

Felicia Maria

Anne Mark

Maureen and Blair Markis

Annie Martin

Aiya Maston

Elizabeth Mather and Anthony Kozar

Molly Mathews

Karen May

Tanja Mcabier

Amy McAree

Kate McCall

Kathlin McCann

Lori McCarthy

James McCormick

Linda McDonald

Avril McInally

Thomas McMillen

Gail McNamara

The McNamee Family Fund

Rachael Meadows

Jean Medina

Beth Meister

Margaret Merrill

Hannah Middleton

Beth Miller

Jordan Miller

Mary Jane Miller

Mary Ann Mills

Kelly Millstone

Dario Miocic

Patricia Miocic

Mom's Club of North Royalton

Mike Mooney

Virginia Mooney

Patricia Moore

Heather Moran

Paul Moran

Sarah and Benjamin Morgenstein

Jonathan Morris

Debbie Morrison

Brian Mozena

Anne Mueller

Christine Murphy

Karin Murray

Kristina Musil

Joy Muzzy

Roger Myers

Shana Mysko

Gail Nanowsky

National Youth Advocate Program, Inc.

Nikki Nealeigh

Lorraine and Daniel Nelson

Thomas Nelson and Judith Redmond

Cheryl and Art Neuenschwander

Robin Newcome-Roupe

Sharon Nichols

Bre Nicole

Lori Nilius

Erika Nockengust

Angela Noecker

Katie Noles

Minda and Todd Norris

Marianne Novy

Kevin O'Boyle

Deborah O'Brien

Carolyn Ockerse

Robert Ohmer

Jim Olson

Louis Onders

Traci and Raymond Onders

LKW Professional Organization Corp.

Krysia Orlowski and Brian Harte

Colleen Orsburn

Bryan O'Shaughnessy

Mary Ostendorf

Rita and David Otzman

Cierra Owen

Dana Ozak

Elizabeth Pankratz

Kerry Parker

Melanie Paul

Patricia Pecnik

Jon Peddie

John Perciak

Sherry Perry

Ed Peter

Kathleen Pilny

Donna Pinto

Michael Pirc

Bernadette and James Plantner James

Robert Plantz Jr.

Paige Plumlee-Watson

Robin and Eric Polack

Janice Pollock

Kathryn and Scott Pollock

Carolyn Porter

Maryann Posch

Rosanne Potter Beveridge and Dave Beveridge

Avery Pratt

Nolana Price

Suzanne Price

Edward Progar

Kathleen Ptacek

Dori Pulley

Marci Purcell

James Putt

Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital

Ramona Ramos

Allison Rand

Anne Rapacz-Kimmins

Nancy Rapaszky

Barbara Raymond and Fred Greenman

Paula E. Reed

Hazel Rees

William Reiber

Don Relford and Erica Dogan

Amanda Reno

Donna J Rice

Jim Rico

Popi Riedel

Jessica Corey Riley

Lisa Ritenauer

Ana Maria Rivera-Pramuk

Melissa Rizzoweller

Nicola Roberto

Barbara Robertson

Brett Rodgers

Tom Rogat

Linda Rogers

Sandy Rogers

Karen Rosenberg

Jennie Rosenstiel

Jennifer Rosich

Kitt and Mark Rossi

Elizabeth and David Rothenberg

Katherine Rudy

Christine Salamanca

Diane Salettel

Susan Saltzman

Karen Samarin

Robin Sampliner

Carole Sanderson

Maryann Sayle

Harvey Schafle

Jessica Schanz

Robert Schauer

Joanne Schaus

Aimee Schirmer

Karen and Dale Schmauder

Donna and Richard Schmittgen

Vivian Schodowski

Chris Schoumacher

Alison Schreiber

Elaine Schulte

Paul Sciarabba

Lori Scobee

Sheri Scott

Pete Scriven

Jennifer Seamon

Shellie Barnes Sedlak

Jennifer and Kevin Sefl

Jes Sellers

Nereida Serrano

William Seufert

Ian Shakelton

Robert Sheinin

Maura Shibley

George and Ellen Shook

John Shook

Dee Shrout

Heidi and Roy Shunk

Marshall Siegal

Kirsten and Eric Simonton

Christine Sivak

Gary Skerl

Melanie Skerl

Greg and Terri Skrocki

Monica Small

Jackie Smigel

Christopher Smink

Douglas and Susan Smith

Greg Smith

Jane Smith

Mary and Marty Smith

Peter Smith

Barry Smoloff

Catherine Smythe Zajc

Joelle Snavely

Phil Snyder

Robert Sohlberg

Patti and Gregory Solomon

Cody Soltis

Nancy and Joseph Soos

Josie Sopinski

Ellen Specht

Holly and Joe Spencer-Trueman

Gloria Sprague

Elliot Srikantia

Parameshwar Srikantia

Kayla Starta

Halle Staskey

Darby Steiger

Earl and Nanci Stein

Arthur Steinmetz

Susan Stephen

Ora Stock

Julie Stoltz

Paulette Stone

Neil Story

Judith Stroup

Sally Struk

Jeff Studniarz

Randee Sunart

Beth Suntala

Judith Suren

Anna Sutterisch

Kelley Sweeney

Kristin Sweeney

James and Julie Symanek

Gary and Joann Szelagowski 

Jeff Szuter

Melissa Tallant

Micahel Tate

Jeff Taylor

Thomas Teggart

Tracy Temple

Sherry Thaler

Mimi Thomas

Monique Thornton

Wayne Tignor

Laura C Todia

Joshua'Smathe Toles

Dan Tookman

Jennifer Trivelli

Leslie Trotter

Bridget Tully

Andrea Turner

Estes and Diane Turner

Donald Tutolo

Richard Uhrlaub

Karen Uphouse

Sue Ellen Utley

Steven Vaccaro

Lynn Vail

Susan Valerian

Lidia Vasile

Lisa Venezia

Charles Viering

Larry Vishak

 Jennine Vlach

Linda Vocht

Kathryn and James Vogl

Gerard Volk

Maja Vracar

Susan Wagner

Ruth Walker

Margaret Walsh-Conrad

JoAnne and Mike Wancata

Merritt Waters

Louise Watson

Sarah Watson

Angela Weaver

Jeri Weiser

Rona Weiss

Shaunte Welborne

Melissa Weller

Charlotte Wells and Mary Beth Schwarz

Deborah Wentz

Iris Wheeler

Allison Whitehouse

Noelle Whitehouse

Larua Wiegand

Maureen Wightman

Jay Wilkinson

Jackie Wille

Cynthia Williams

Karen Williams

Margot Williams

Sandie Williams

Terrell Williams

Margaret Wilmeth

Nicole Wilson

Laurel Wirtanen

Susan Wissman

Robert Wood

Russell Wood Russ

Adrienne Wood-Wheeler

Christopher Worthy

Melissa Wright

Tyrone Wright

Breanna Wyley

Anne-Frances Zaborniak-Budz

Kathryn Zackery

Andrea Zaite

Mara Zaller

Robin Zidek

Stephanie Ziegman

Nancy Zimmerman

Douglas Zimperman

Laryssa Ziolkowski

Amy Zlotnik