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Adoption Network Workshops

This past year, we had the opportunity to attend the Adoption Network’s Adoption 101 Workshop. We had been considering the path of adoption for quite some time, but we knew very little about the process, especially where to start! When we first read about the workshop, we thought it held a lot of promise for us. Scheduled conveniently on a Saturday morning into the early afternoon, the workshop fit well with our busy schedules.

The session was definitely worthwhile. One of the aspects that we liked best was that the workshop made a very effective use of time. In fact, we both commented after the session on how fast time actually went while we were there. Honestly, I briefly looked down at my watch and could not believe that there were only a few minutes left!

There was so much information presented to us during Adoption 101, yet, we did not feel rushed or overwhelmed during it. Another positive point about the session was that different types of adoptions were clearly explored. Going into the workshop, we admit that we were a bit confused about what options were available. Sure, you can investigate on your own using the internet, but many times, you can get conflicting information. The workshop aided in separating fact from fiction about various types of adoption. In addition, informative handouts helped to clarify the material, and this also gave us the chance to have physical materials to take home with us to consider in more detail later.

Since we both earnestly believe that there is no substitute for experience, having those individuals who went through the adoption process on hand for the session helped to give us a first hand perspective. We appreciated how candid and open the parents were about their adoption journeys. It was wonderful that they passed around personal photos and photo albums and were so open to questions from the room. When they discussed their successes and challenges, it helped us to get a better overall understanding.

As for now, we are currently exploring all of the different options available when it comes to expanding our family. We have yet to commit to a decision, but we feel very fortunate that the Adoption Network Cleveland offers such a wonderful workshop. We have already recommended this to some of our friends who are considering adoption. When you are not sure where to start, the Adoption Network Cleveland’s 101 course is the best choice!