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Her Family is Our Family

Her Family is Our Family
by Kelly and Ryan Fisher, Adoptive Parents

Adoption has definitely changed how we define our family. When we first began our adoption journey, we knew the terms "open" and "closed" adoption, but not much more than that. We learned so much from Adoption Network Cleveland, especially from hearing the feelings and experiences of other adoptive parents, birthparents, and adoptees.

As we really started learning about openness in adoption, it felt a little scary. It seemed like we would be opening up our lives, and our family, to a huge unknown factor, which felt overwhelming. However, the more we learned, and were able to hear about other people’s experiences, and thanks largely to the support, and education from Adoption Network Cleveland, we really came to strongly value and prefer an open relationship.

When we first met Audrey and Trever we were incredibly nervous, but we liked them and felt comfortable together right away. We met with them throughout their pregnancy, and after our daughter, Wren, was born, it felt completely natural to continue getting together. We’ve grown to know and love not only Audrey and Trever, but also their parents and extended families.

In the early days when we were getting to know one another, we found ourselves in an unusual relationship that was, and will always be, fundamentally rooted in very serious, sensitive, sometimes painful issues. We think (and hope) that the longer we continue in this relationship, the more comfortable we will continue to grow with each other.

Wren is our daughter and we will always be her mom and dad. Likewise, Wren’s birth family is our family too. We are incredibly grateful for the relationships we have built with everyone. It feels good to recognize not only aspects of ourselves, but also of Audrey and Trever, in Wren.

As Wren grows up, we hope to share both little moments and big milestones with this big, extended family that we are building together through Wren’s adoption. We feel that Wren (and all of us) can only benefit by a life surrounded by so many, many people who love her.