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12200 Fairhill Road, Floor A3
Fairhill Partners Collaborative Campus
Cleveland, OH 44120

Have Your Workplace Help You Change the World!

Oftentimes, it can feel like we spend all of our time at work, doing work from home, or thinking about work. We give so much of ourselves to our work – let your work help you give back to the causes you care about, including Adoption Network Cleveland!

Each year, many workplaces run charitable giving campaigns through organizations such as United Way or Greater Cleveland Community Shares, or simply through their own Human Resources department. You can designate Adoption Network Cleveland as your charity of choice for a one-time gift or payroll deduction to support our programs and services all year long.

If your organization participates in a Greater Cleveland Community Shares workplace giving campaign, please consider designating Adoption Network Cleveland.

Donations to United Way NON-PARTNER Agencies (such as Adoption Network Cleveland – #58096) may be made by simply writing in the charity name and agency number on their Workplace Giving Campaign pledge form. (For write-ins there is a minimum $100 total gift or $50 minimum gift per agency. Up to 50% of the total gift may be directed to non-partner agencies.)

If you are a state worker, you can donate through the Combined Charitable Campaigns, State of Ohio. We are #4503.

Your employer may even match your charitable contributions – check with your Human Resources department to find out more. We are grateful for your consideration of Adoption Network Cleveland in your upcoming workplace charitable giving campaigns this fall. Please let us know if you have designated us as a charity of choice so that we can plan on those funds to support all who have been touched by adoption and foster care.