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I Felt You First


I felt you first inside my womb 

Where you developed well. 

So much I wished to say 

Watching my belly swell.

You made me feel so beautiful, 

I carried you so proud. 

Keeping you would be the sun, 

Deciding not – a cloud. 

Realizing what I could not give 

I knew then that I should, 

Pass you into a brand new life, 

To someone else who could. 

I felt you first as your head emerged, 

I yelled so all could hear. 

And suddenly we were not one – 

The separateness was here. 

I knew the time had come to say, 

“Good-bye, sweet baby girl.” 

With aching heart I touched your face 

As precious as a pearl. 

I gave you life and a strong start, 

You gave me so much more, 

A gorgeous, healthy daughter 

And a love unknown before.