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Special Topic General Discussion Meetings for 2024

Join us this year in one or all of our Special Topic General Discussion Meetings.

While our regular meeting discussions flow with the input of participants, once a month a meeting takes a unique, single, special topic for a deeper facilitated discussion. Upcoming sessions cover a variety of subjects, like hearing about male perspectives on adoption issues, talking about surprise siblings, exploring the healing power of music, interpreting what our dreams might mean, and even watching a thought-provoking film together in May. We’re super excited to share these topics and create a space where everyone feels welcome. So, mark your calendars and join us as we dive into these engaging conversations together! Your thoughts and stories are what make our meetings special.


Special Topic Descriptions: 

January 18, 2024 (Estes and Dottie) 

Male Perspectives on Adoption Issues

We’ve seen more men participating in our General Discussion Meetings, facilitating our discussion groups, and getting more involved with our volunteer activities. What brings us in? What keeps us away? During this special topic panel-based session, we’ve invited a diverse group of men to share their personal perspectives, experiences, and adoption-related journeys. Register here.


February 6, 2024 (Oliver and Becky) 

Surprise Siblings

Were you the oldest child in your family? Were you the baby of the family? Were you suddenly knocked off of your coveted spot by a DNA discovery? Did you suddenly have the brother or sister that you always wished you had? Do you want to meet some people that have made the journey of a surprise sibling? Join us Tuesday February 6, 2024 at 8pm as our co-facilitators bring their surprise siblings into the discussion. Share the link with your surprise sibling and join us as we explore the complexicated emotional journeys we may be faced with in our DNA Discoveries! Register here.


March 7, 2024 (JJ and Rosemary) 

The Healing Power of Music

Many music genres have been recognized to improve relaxation and emotional well-being. In this session led by JJ and Rosemary, we will discuss the many benefits of music throughout our healing journeys and how each genre can be a therapeutic tool. We’ll share ideas on choosing the perfect music to calm the body and relax and elevate the spirit. We invite you to bring your thoughts on a piece of music that you enjoy. Register here.  


April 11, 2024 (Kim and Denice) 

Looking at Dreams through the Frame of Adoption

Have you ever considered that adoption-related themes show up in your dreams? Learn about the world of dreams and explore basic tools and techniques for connecting with your dreams meaningfully. Victoria Vlach will moderate this special topic session.

About Victoria
With a lifelong interest in dream exploration, Victoria Vlach has facilitated informal dream groups and offered dream-related workshops and presentations for over three decades. Victoria has been a periodic contributor to Dream Network Journal and founded and facilitated Austin Dreams Meetup from 2006 until 2013. Victoria is a birthmother whose son found her via Ancestry DNA in January 2023, and they have been getting to know one another since then. Register here.


May 8, 2024 (Amy and Kim - in-person meeting)

Film screening: “A Girl Like Her”

Join us for an in-person screening of Ann Fessler’s film: "A Girl Like Her," followed by a group discussion regarding birthmother experiences and the long-term effects of the Baby Scoop Era.  

"A Girl Like Her" reveals the hidden history of over a million women who became pregnant in the United States in the 1950s and 60s when “nice girls” didn’t get pregnant. It was a time when women were routinely expelled from high schools and colleges and forced to leave jobs as teachers and nurses before their indiscretion was apparent to others. They were rendered voiceless and invisible, banished to distant relatives or maternity homes to give birth and surrender their children for adoption so they could start over with a clean slate. But did they?  

The film combines footage from educational films and newsreels—that both reflected and shaped the public’s understanding of single pregnancy and adoption during that time–with the voices of these mothers as they speak today about the long-term impact of surrender and silence on their lives. 

Space is limited and registration is required. Exact date subject to change. Register here.


June 27, 2024 (Barbara and Dan) 

Nature vs. Nurture Revisited

Theorists and researchers have long debated whether traits or abilities are inborn or forged after birth. How much of us is ingrained in our DNA? What is the impact of parenting and other factors? Are babies “blank slates”?  Join us as we discuss our own journeys and how we feel genetics and/or environment impact who we are today. Register here


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