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Board Elects New Officers and Welcomes New and Renewing Members for 2019

Adoption Network Cleveland is delighted to announce the election of new board officers for 2019 during our Annual Meeting, held on November 29, 2018.

  • Board Chair, Marissa Brydle – associate consultant at BrownFynn, an ERM Group
  • 1st Vice Chair, Daniel Gisser, MBA, Ph.D – CEO at AdviCoach
  • 2nd Vice Chair, Carlin Culbertson, CPA – senior manager at Meaden & Moore LLP
  • Secretary, Molly Cissell, MHA – administrative director at Cleveland Clinic
  • Treasurer, Julia Dean, CPA – audit professional at Ernst & Young LLP

Five new members and two renewing members were also welcomed to the board, including:

  • Kara Carter – senior partner, Community Relations at Jumpstart, Inc.
  • Mary Beth Hurley – manager, Shared Services at Applied Industrial Technologies
  • Stephanie LaRicca, MASSA – therapist at Pathway Caring for Kids
  • Eamon Larkin, MBA – CFO at Budget Dumpster, LLC
  • Michael Nowak, Esq. – attorney at Squire Patton Boggs
  • Renewing member Anthony Sallah, Esq. – attorney at Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP
  • Renewing member Alicia Love, SPHR – human resource professional

For bios on our new and renewing members, please read our blog, New and Renewing Board Members Voted to the Board.

The complete Board of Directors for 2019 is as follows: 

Marissa Brydle, MA, Chair
Associate Consultant, BrownFlynn, an ERM Group
Term Expires: 12/2020    Joined: 2011

Daniel J. Gisser, MBA., Ph.D., 1st Vice Chair
CEO, AdviCoach
Adoptive Parent
Term Expires: 12/2020    Joined: 2012

Carlin N. Culbertson, CPA, 2nd Vice Chair
Senior Manager, Meaden & Moore, LLP
Term Expires: 12/2020    Joined: 2017

Molly Cissell, MHA, Secretary
Administrative Director, Cleveland Clinic
Adoptive Parent
Term Expires: 12/2020    Joined: 2014

Julia Dean, CPA, Treasurer 
Manager, Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP
Former Foster Child
Term Expires: 12/2019    Joined: 2016

Denise Sanelli Barone
Community Volunteer, Marketer and
Substitute Teacher
Term Expires: 12/2019    Joined: 2016

Lisa A. Buescher, MSE
Community Volunteer
Term Expires: 12/2019    Joined: 2008

Kara Carter
Senior Partner, Corporate and Community Relations, 
Jumpstart, Inc.
Term Expires: 12/2021    Joined: 2018

Mimi Datta, Esq., MBA
Term Expires: 12/2019    Joined: 2016

Thomas W. Dent, Jr., CFA
Senior Vice President, PNC Bank
Term Expires: 12/2020    Joined: 2011

Keven Drummond Eiber, Esq 
Assistant General Counsel, MTD Products INC
Term Expires: 12/2019    Joined: 2016

Mary Beth Hurley 
Manager – Shared Services, Applied Industrial Technologies
Term Expires: 12/2021    Joined: 2018

Stephanie Lariccia, MSSA
Therapist, Pathway Caring for Kids
Term Expires: 12/2021    Joined: 2018

Eamon Larkin, MBA
Budget Dumpster, LLC
Chief Financial Officer
Adoptive Parent
Term Expires: 12/2021    Joined: 2018

Alicia A. Love, SPHR
Human Resources Professional
Term Expires: 12/2021    Joined: 2015

Dr. JaNice Marshall, RCC, PCC
Associate Vice President for Access &
Community Engagement at 
Cuyahoga Community College
Term Expires: 12/2020    Joined: 2017

Daniel M. McClain, Esq.
Associate Attorney, BakerHostetler
Adoptive Sibling
Term Expires: 12/2020     Joined: 2017

Anita Miller, MSE, MBA
Product Manager, Progressive
Adoptive Parent
Term Expires: 12/2020    Joined: 2009

Michael Nowak, Esq
Attorney, Squire Patton Boggs
Adoptive Parent
Term Expires:12/2021    Joined: 2018

Thom Nykamp
Vice President – Executive Compensation, Eaton
Term Expires: 12/2019    Joined: 2016

Anthony C. Sallah, Esq
Associate Attorney, Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP
Term Expires: 12/2021    Joined: 2015

Ellen M. Stephens, SPHR
Vice President, Human Resources, The Sherwin-Williams Co.
Adoptive Parent, Foster Sibling, Adoptive Sibling
Term Expires: 12/2019    Joined: 2013