Our Address:
12200 Fairhill Road, Floor A3
Fairhill Partners Collaborative Campus
Cleveland, OH 44120

CANCELED - Outdoor, In-person General Discussion Meeting

Saturday, September 24, 2022
2:00 pm4:00 pm
12200 Fairhill Road, Cleveland, OH 44120 - Outdoors on the campus of Fairhill Partners

Please join us for a special opportunity for an outdoor in-person General Meeting! General Discussion Meetings provide a safe place where people can share their feelings and experiences, get support from their peers, and learn from others’ perspectives. The meetings have an open discussion format and are attended by anyone with a connection to adoption or foster care, including adult adoptees, birth parents, siblings, adoptive parents, those that have experienced foster or kinship care, or DNA discoveries such as misattributed parentage or donor conception. The majority of our General Discussion Meetings are held via Zoom, and this is a unique chance to gather in person.

We believe adoption is a complex, lifelong, and intergenerational journey for all those whose lives are impacted by it. These meetings connect and empower individuals impacted by adoption, kinship, foster care, and DNA Discoveries and provide a source of healing, understanding, and learning. Recognizing that a unified voice is a strong voice, we advocate for truth and honesty on behalf of adoptees, who wonder where they came from and why they were placed for adoption; for birth families, who have never forgotten the child; and for adoptive families, who deserve to have their questions addressed honestly. We recognize that everyone has a right to know their genetic history. By bringing these groups together, we learn from the experiences of each other and have the opportunity to explore and process our own journeys.

Registration required. This meeting will be held weather permitting, and we will send an email by noon the day of the meeting if cancellation is necessary. Please check your email before heading out to the meeting. Please bring your own lawn chair.