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The Power of Owning and Telling Our Stories with Candace Cahill

Monday, February 27, 2023
8:00 pm9:00 pm
Online Meeting

Candace Cahill recently released her memoir, Goodbye Again, about losing her son twice: first to adoption as an infant and then 23 years later when he died in his sleep. Join Candace as she shares what led her to write her memoir, the lessons she learned, and why she would encourage others to do the same. She will share insights into the writing, editing, and publishing processes and some tools and suggestions for others interested in writing their own story.

About Candace Cahill
Candace is a first mother and NPE who grew up in rural Central Minnesota. After earning a Social Work degree, she embarked on a year-long bicycle trip with her partner, Tom, and then settled in Alaska. Besides being a writer, she is a self-taught silversmith and singer/songwriter. She currently resides in Denali, Alaska, and works as a National Park Ranger during the summer months. For more information, visit https://candacecahill.com

Goodbye Again: A Memoir by Candace Cahill: https://candacecahill.com/goodbye-again/