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VIRTUAL - How to Recognize and Heal the Issues in Your Tissues with Denise LaBarre

Monday, March 4, 2024
8:00 pm9:00 pm
Online Discussion

In this workshop, Denise will share practical tips to get us back into our bodies to connect with our breath and the emotional energy that lives in our tissues. She will explain the connection between thoughts, emotions and the physical illness and disease that can result from unreleased, long-held emotions. As you learn to recognize the signals your body gives you in the form of tightness, pain, and other symptoms, you can work with your breath, muscles and thoughts to explore your unresolved feelings and release them. Denise is familiar with issues specific to those in the adoption triad, feelings of loss, abandonment, unworthiness, and the pervasive trauma responses that can be a subtle underpinning of our lives.

About Denise
Denise LaBarre is and adoptee and a Healing Catalyst. She began systematically “listening” to bodies using her hands and intuition when she was 7. She studied psychology and languages and after University, managed a translation and interpretation agency in San Francisco, where she went to massage school.
As she worked with more bodies as a massage therapist, Denise realized that she was re-learning the universal language of the body and translating it for minds that had gotten socialized out of the habit of listening. She was becoming a "body-mind translator" or "Body Whisperer."

Her book, Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out distills 4 decades of experience and insights about the body and the way unprocessed emotions can solidify into physical symptoms, illness, and chronic disease. Her book, teaching and private sessions on Maui focus on helping people release the issues in their tissues and regain health, resilience, and ease in their bodies.

Denise was born in Cleveland Clinic Hospital and given up immediately at birth. She found her birth mother in 1986 with Betsie’s help, and found her birth father four years ago.