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VIRTUAL - Abandoned at Birth: Searching for the Arms That Once Held Me with Janet Sherlund

Monday, May 13, 2024
8:00 pm9:00 pm
Online Discussion

Join author Janet Sherlund as she discusses her elegant and heart-wrenching memoir, ABANDONED AT BIRTH: Searching for the Arms That Once Held Me.

Sherlund paints a vivid portrait of the detachment and longing of an adopted child and the lifelong quest to find her biological mother. It’s an unflinching examination of the grief and trauma caused by this primal separation and the dogged determination it takes to face the forces of opposition—both internal and external—to finally attain answers. ABANDONED AT BIRTH illuminates the darker side of adoption, and what it takes to heal.

About Janet
Janet Sherlund raised her family and served on nonprofit boards in education, health and the cultural arts before writing her memoir, Abandoned at Birth. Her single most significant life event was being given up for adoption at birth. Being adopted made her feel as though she was living a “borrowed life,” undermined her sense of trust and personal value, and impacted every decision she made. It also led to a lifelong quest to find her biological mother, with the hope of finally feeling a tether to this world, a sense of belonging and ultimately, herself. Her memoir fulfills a lifelong dream of becoming a published author, as well as raising awareness about loss and grief in adoption, and why it takes more than love to survive that trauma. A graduate of Colgate University, Sherlund lives on the island of Nantucket off the coast of Massachusetts with Rick, her husband of 45 years. Abandoned at Birth is Sherlund’s first book.