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Special Topic General Discussion Meetings

Join us for one or all of our Special Topic General Discussion Meetings.

While our regular meeting discussions flow with the input of participants, once a month a meeting takes a unique, single, special topic for a deeper facilitated discussion. Upcoming sessions cover a variety of subjects like positive self-talk, emotional perspectives during the holidays, triggering events, and more. We’re super excited to share these topics and create a space where everyone feels welcome. So, mark your calendars and join us as we dive into these engaging conversations together! Your thoughts and stories are what make our meetings special.


Special Topic Descriptions:

July 2, 2024 (Becky and Oliver - DNA Discovery Support Group on Zoom)

Fireworks Safety: Handle with Care

As temperatures rise, friends and family gather to celebrate holidays, birthdays, vacations, and reunions. One might want to bring fireworks to such festivities, but we all should recognize that these explosive materials should be handled with care. The same could be said about our DNA discovery results. We invite you to join our discussion as we share our journeys into possible volatile situations that might blow our expectations of what family means. Let's work through how we might handle these situations with care and understanding. Much like fireworks, DNA discovery results can be dangerous, but when handled correctly... they may bring us joy and wonderment. Register here.


August 7, 2024 (Nikki and Lindsey - Birth Mother Support Group on Zoom)

Shattering Myths: The Realities of Birth Motherhood

Please note: This group is open to all members of the adoption constellation as we explore a special topic this month. Join us for a discussion that dispels common misconceptions and stereotypes about birth mothers, explores the unique postpartum and mental health challenges they face, and addresses the misunderstandings and insensitivity that often surround their experiences. Learn how deeply adoption impacts their lives beyond the act of relinquishment, the critical need for mental health support, and the importance of recognizing and validating their ongoing grief and strength. This meeting aims to foster empathy, understanding, and better support for birth mothers within and beyond our community. Register here.


September 12, 2024 (Kim and Denice - General Discussion Meeting on Zoom)

Positive Self-Talk and Mantras to Support Our Adoption Experiences, with Guest Leader Estes Turner

More details coming soon!


October 24, 2024 (Barbara and Dan - General Discussion Meeting on Zoom)

Adoption Constellation Discussion Panel: The Emotional Perspective During the Holidays

Join us for an engaging and insightful panel discussion exploring the emotional landscape of the holiday season within the adoption community. Hear from a variety of voices about the feelings the holidays evoke and learn practical tips and strategies to navigate this time of year with resilience. We'll open the floor for a group discussion, allowing everyone to share their insights and experiences. As always, there will be time for anyone to share anything new or personally important. Don’t miss this chance to connect, support, and uplift each other during the holidays! Register here.


 November 21, 2024 (Estes and Dottie - General Discussion Meeting on Zoom)

Triggers: Life Events That Move Us into Action or Keep Us Frozen

Throughout our lives, events happen that may activate the seven core issues of adoption: Rejection, Loss, Grief, Guilt and Shame, Identity, Intimacy, and Control. How do we learn to recognize them? How do we move from reaction to action — decision to choice. Join us as we dive into this special topic. Register here.


December 11, 2024 (Amy and Kim - General Discussion Meeting, In-Person)

Empty Seat at the Table

Join us for a discussion on navigating adoption-related challenges during the holidays. We’ll explore how to handle split loyalties and the symbolic “empty seat” at the table, and discuss managing the two-family celebration after reunion. Register here.


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