Our Address:
12200 Fairhill Road, Floor A3
Fairhill Partners Collaborative Campus
Cleveland, OH 44120

Public Policy Committee

Objective: To develop strategy to educate policy-makers and the public regarding adoption issues.

Role of the Public Policy Committee:

  • Acts to effectuate changes in public policy governing adoptions. The public policy may include laws, agency regulations and societal attitudes.
  • Communicate Adoption Network Cleveland positions on public issues through releases to the media, and contact with legislators and organizations with influence and/or interest in issue areas
  • Increase participation in alliances or co-sponsorship of programs with other organizations that have similar goals
  • Determines, in concert with the executive director, the areas of focus for advocacy and public policy
  • Discusses and formulates “position statements” for the organization specific to public policy issues
  • At the request of the executive director, provides counsel in the executive director’s role as spokesperson for the organization


  • Appointed by the board chair in consultation with the executive director
  • Includes four to six committee members; can include non-board members. Includes individuals who have expertise in the field and/or advocacy experience and who have relationships with the broader community
  • Staff by executive director and designee(s)

Role of Committee Chair:

  • Lead and guide work of committee
  • Report directly to board chair and relate directly to executive director
  • Collaborate with executive director and chair to identify key issues for committee study and deliberation and to set committee agendas
  • Ensure that committee members are properly and well informed, that meetings are productive and records maintained
  • Assign tasks to committee members as appropriate
  • Report to board regarding committee’s deliberations and recommendations