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Adoption Assessor Training

The Ohio Child Welfare Training Program (OCWTP) is a comprehensive, competency-based in-service training program for Ohio’s public child welfare staff and caregivers. In the case of Adoption Assessor Training, training is for all public and private agency workers working in adoption and foster care.

Adoption Assessor Training is required for all social workers providing foster care or adoption services in Ohio. Only persons employed by or under contract to a licensed foster care or adoption agency are eligible to be Adoption Assessors.

The training is offered in two tiers. Individuals must complete Tier I within six months of the date of hire, and then complete Tier II within three years after completing Tier I. 

Participants must keep records of their attendance at the workshops and include a completed ODJFS Form 1680 in their personnel records, as well as keep a copy in their personal records and send a copy to ODJFS at the address below, certifying that they have completed the training and meet the educational and employment qualifications to be an Adoption Assessor. Send the completed Form 1680 to: ODJFS, Adoption Section, P.O. Box 183204, Columbus, OH 43218.

Tier I Adoption Assessor training includes six workshops and 36 hours of training. All Cuyahoga County Tier I workshops will be held at Adoption Network Cleveland, 4614 Prospect Ave., Suite 550, Cleveland, Ohio.



2020 Adoption Assessor Training Dates and Topics

For information on available trainings, contact:

Julius Jackson, Training Coordinator

(216) 482-2324


Please Be Aware

The safety of our visitors and employees is important to us. All visitors to Adoption Network Cleveland will be required to wear face coverings and abide by social distancing guidelines. Anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will be denied entry into the training.

Visitors will not be allowed to walk around the Adoption Network office or utilize any space outside of the training room. Anyone needing to take a call will be asked to step out into the hall outside of the front entrance to Adoption Network offices.

Access to Adoption Network’s common kitchen area or a microwave or refrigerator will not be provided. Please plan accordingly.