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The Lifelong Journey of the Transracial Adoptee: Perspectives from One Adult Transracial Adoptee Leader - Monday Evening Speaker Series

Monday, September 20, 2021
8:00 pm9:00 pm
Virtual using Zoom

Mark Hagland, author of Extraordinary Journey: The Lifelong Path of the Transracial Adoptee, will share his perspectives on the ongoing discourse around transracial adoption in the transracial adoption world, from the standpoint of an adult transracial and international adoptee. He wrote Extraordinary Journey in order to help all the stakeholders around transracial adoption to sort through many of the key issues facing transracial adoptees, their parents and families, and everyone else. He continues to share his perspectives online and in person, out of a sense of mission around education, especially around race and racism.

About Mark Hagland
Mark Hagland was born in South Korea in 1960 and raised by American parents of Norwegian and German descent. He has been active in forums around transracial adoption both in person and online, for over two decades. He has contributed to team-written anthologies by adult transracial adoptees, including Parenting As Adoptees, Outsiders Within, and The Unknown Culture Club. Earlier this year, he self-published Extraordinary Journey: The Lifelong Path of the Transracial Adoptee. In his professional life, he is a health care journalist. He lives in Chicago.