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Rescheduled - Adoption and Addiction - Monday Evening Speaker Series

Monday, September 26, 2022
8:00 pm9:00 pm
Online Meeting

Adopted people are overrepresented in statistics reflecting addiction. Why is that? Zara Phillips will join us for this Monday Evening Speaker Series presentation and lead a discussion on why adoption and addiction are interconnected for so many adoptees. She will also share her own addiction story and reflect on how getting sober led her to understand the impact adoption had on her life. Zara will talk about the tools that have helped her stay sober and the challenges one faces when navigating a complex family life.

About Zara Phillips

Born and raised in London, Zara is an adoptee, author, performer, singer/songwriter, and activist. Her acclaimed works include, "Mother Me (2009)," Somebody's Daughter (2018)," and the song, "I'm Legit," co-written and performed with Darryl McDaniels (DMC of Run-DMC). She has also written a 30-minute documentary, "Roots Unknown - an Adoption Film" which is the Winner of the Garden State Film Festival's Best Short Home Grown Documentary, and the one-woman show, "Beneath My Father's Sky," winner of the United Solo Festival's Best Direction award. Zara explores the complexities of relationships and explores the theme of connection and healing through her music, writing, and facilitating workshops. She has presented across the UK and States on adoption topics.

Learn more about Zara on her website: http://www.zaraphillips.net

"I'm Legit" by Zara Phillips - https://youtu.be/3TuPIC-1Rmo
Roots Unknown - An Adoption Film - https://youtu.be/-2CBashETD0
Beneath My Father's Sky - http://www.zaraphillips.net/performing/beneath-my-fathers-sky/